Vol. 11, No. 1

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on the Middle East and Petrophysics

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6 Update

14 Market Update

16 Licensing Opportunities

18 A Minute to Read

50 Recent Advances in Technology: A Change of Thinking

56 GEO Profile: Eddy Belle – Promoting the Seychelles

84 GEO Tourism: Sea of Sand – Dunes of the Namib

90 What I Do: The Petrophysicist NEW COLUMN

92 GEO Cities: Muscat – Mountains and the Sea

94 Exploration Update

96 GEO Media: Novel Digital Platforms

98 Q&A

100 Hot Spot: Mexico

102 Global Resource Management


22 Cover story: Petroleum Systems in Jordan

30 Geoscience Explained: Petrophysics – Looking Down the Wellbore

36 Seismic Foldout: West of Shetland – A New Regional Dataset

42 Exploration: How Much Oil in the Middle East?

60 Technology Explained: Petrophysics in High Angle and Horizontal Wells

64 Industry Issues: Premature Predictions for LNG?

70 Technology Explained: Real-Time Data = Proactive Field Decisions

74 Seismic foldout: Early Carboniferous Battleground on the UKCS

80 Geology: The Predictive Power of Palynology


Country Profile Middle East

Petroleum Systems in Jordan.

Despite a long exploration history, only two producing fields have been found in Jordan, yet it has proven petroleum systems and reserves of both shale oil and gas. We look at the potential within this long-neglected Middle Eastern country.

Q&A Worldwide

Achieving Staff Integration Through Training

The training of non-technical staff can be key to improving communication and efficiency in oil-related companies. Anastasis Kokkinos, Director of Esanda, tells us how demand has grown for introductory, as well as specialised, training.

Technology Explained Middle East

Real-Time Data = Proactive Field Decisions

Recent developments in permanent downhole monitoring provide accurate and stable measurements even in extreme high pressure/high temperature reservoir conditions. The integration of multiple measurements as they happen allows operators to make field decisions for production and reservoir management.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Petrophysics in High Angle and Horizontal Wells

The benefits of directional drilling are widely known – increased reservoir exposure and greater production. However, the practice can pose formation evaluation challenges in high angle and horizontal wells, making traditional petrophysical interpretation techniques harder to apply because of geometric effects on the data. Modern wellbore software can provide a viable solution.

GEO Profile Africa

Eddy Belle: Promoting the Seychelles

Eddy Belle is passionate about the hydrocarbon potential of the Seychelles Islands, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa – and also about their natural and historical heritage and their excellence as a tourist destination.

What I Do Worldwide

The Petrophysicist

This new column takes a look at the different geoscience careers available in the oil industry and shows exactly what each one entails. In this inaugural article Jackie Mullinor describes her work as a petrophysicist with AGR in Aberdeen, and explains how the science of petrophysics fits into the exploration cycle.

Exploration Middle East

How Much Oil in the Middle East?

“No such galaxy of fields of the first magnitude over such a wide area has been developed in the history of the oil industry.” - Everette Lee DeGolyer, Oil in the Near East, 10 May 1940, Texas

Industry Issues Worldwide

Premature Predictions for LNG?

For an industry that is used to long-term contracts and guaranteed markets, changes in the gas market are proving unsettling. Will predictions of a future glut in liquefied natural gas prove premature?

GEO Tourism Africa

Sand of Sea Dunes of Namib

Snuggled in against the south-western coast of Africa lies the Namib Desert, one of the driest and oldest deserts on Earth – but life abounds in this seemingly desolate environment.