Vol. 11, No. 4

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Asia and the FSU and Geophysics

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Update

16 Licensing Opportunities

18 A Minute to Read

32 GEO Profile: Dr. Robert Sheriff – “Never Hold Back”

42 GEO Education: Fracture, Fracture Everywhere, Part 2

68 Recent Advances in Technology: IsoMetrix – Isometric Sampling

78 What I Do: The Chief Explorer

90 History of Oil: The PESGB Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

98 GEO Cities: Khanty Mansiysk – Oil, Sport and Woolly Rhinos

100 Exploration Update

102 GEO Media: The Secret World of Oil

104 Q&A: Delighting in Geophysics

106 Hot Spot: Offshore Canning Basin, Australia

108 Global Resource Management


22 Cover Story: GEO Tourism: Lakagigar – Catastrophe and Climate Change

28 Technology: Technology Driving Unconventional Exploration

36 Seismic Foldout: Hoop Basin, Barents Sea

48 Exploration: Mongolia – Potential in an Emerging Economy

54 Technology: 3D Seismic Data and Geohazard Analysis

58 Seismic Foldout: Frontier Exploration in the Middle Caspian Basin

64 Technology: Three Disappointments in the Barents Sea

72 Geophysics: Reservoir Rocks Behaving Differently

80 Seismic Foldout: Offshore Greece – Imaging the Next Hydrocarbon Province

86 Exploration: Unveiling Oil Targets in Colombian Amazonia

94 Industry Issues: The Fracking Debate in Europe


Q&A Worldwide

Delighting in Geophysics

Dr. Thomas A. Smith founded Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) in 1984 and led the development of the widely adopted Kingdom Suite software suite for seismic interpretation. He went on to found Geophysical Insights in 2008, which launched Paradise™ at SEG 2013.

Hot Spot Australasia

New Oil Play Excites Australia

Apache announced on 18 August that its shallow water Phoenix South-1 exploration well in permit WA-435-P, 180 km north of Port Hedland, had intersected at least four discrete oil columns ranging in thickness between 26m and 46m. It made a preliminary estimate of 300 MMbo in place.

Seismic Foldouts Europe

Unlocking Offshore Greece : New Regional GeoStreamer Dataset Provides Key Answers

In preparation for the 2014 licensing round, PGS, on behalf of YPEKA, acquired 12,500 km of 2D seismic data offshore western and southern Greece. The exceptional quality of the new seismic data has allowed a confident delineation of the stratigraphic record and the various play types. The exploration blocks are now defined and, with the regulatory framework in place, the region is ready to be further explored.

Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond PART X: IsoMetrix - Isometric Sampling

IsoMetrix is more than broadband seismic. It goes beyond, by reconstructing the deghosted wavefield in 3D, and performs fine spatial sampling in all directions. In this article we ask: how did the idea come about? What is the story behind a ten-year R&D project in Schlumberger – its largest single engineering investment ever? The result was a great innovation: IsoMetrix, a technology that can ‘read between the streamer lines’. The project not only delivered the new seismic acquisition technology, but also the algorithms and workflows needed to manage the unprecedented amount of data it produces.

Exploration Europe

Whale Hunters Seek Elephants

Atlantic Petroleum is a small independent E&P company with big ambitions. With a strong concentration on technical expertise and some very creative geoscientists, it is looking at some exciting exploration licences on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

GEO Profile North America

Never Hold Back

Dr. Robert E. Sheriff learned early in his career “to never withhold information or ideas for later use,” leaving a lasting legacy to his family, the geophysics community, and our society.

Exploration South America

Unveiling Oil Targets in the Colombian Amazonia. At a Salsa Tempo!

Remote sensing is a very efficient and effective tool for oil and gas exploration, since it enables the quick acquisition of relevant information and target definition in areas of considerable extent or difficult access, providing an appropriate context for decision making as to further exploration efforts.

Editorials Worldwide

Falling Brent.

Is the oil super-cycle finally on its downward turn? It seems counter-intuitive but are predictions of Brent at $85 credible? And what are the implications for the industry?

GEO Tourism Europe

Lakagigar: Catastrophe & Climate Change.

Miguel Ángel Caja's spectacular header photo, which shows the 25 km-long row of craters of Lakagigar, in southern Iceland, reveals a unique geological site and dramatic landscape. It also tells a story of catastrophe and climate change which still resonates today.

GEO Profile Africa

Duncan Clarke: Economics and the Oil Game in Africa

Duncan Clarke is one of the best known names in the upstream oil industry as an advisor to governments and oil companies, the author of a number of books, founder and chairman of Global Pacific & Partners, and the co-host (with senior partner and chief executive, Babette van Gessel) of the landmark and highly-popular annual Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference, held in Cape Town. But how did an economist from Southern Africa get involved with the oil industry at all?

Technology Explained Worldwide

3D Seismic Data and Geohazard Analysis

The last few years have seen a growing focus on shallow hazard analysis and, in particular, the structural and stratigraphic interpretation of 3D seismic data to identify and delineate such geohazards.