Vol. 12, No. 3

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Europe and on unconventional exploration.

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 NEW COLUMN Regional Update: Europe

10 Update

16 Licensing Opportunities

18 A Minute to Read

42 Recent Advances in Technology: Gas Hydrates in Outer Space

54 GEO Profile: Ian Forrest – “Oil Has Been Good to Me”

86 GEO Tourism: Malta – A Country Shaped by Limestone

92 History of Oil: The First Oil Shock

98 GEO Cities: Ceyhan – An Unassuming Hub 100 Exploration Update

102 GEO Media: The Buraimi Affair

104 Q&A: NORM

106 Hot Spot: The Weald Basin

108 Global Resource Management


22 Exploration: Russian Fold Belts – The Next Hot Play?

28 GEO Education: Field-Based Training – Luxury or Necessity?

32 Industry Issues: Iran – The Implications of Peace

36 Seismic Foldout: Ireland – South Porcupine Basin

46 GEO Science Explained: Shale Gas in South Africa

50 Reservoir Management: Integrating Data Types for Reservoir Characterisation

58 Seismic Foldout: Foz do Amazonas Basin

64 Technology Explained: A Simple Guide to Volumetrics

70 Exploration: Palaeozoic Plays of the Great Basin

76 Technology Explained: Hoop Area – Testing Ground for Geophysics

80 Seismic Foldout: Horda Platform – Exploring the Cretaceous


Exploration Europe

Russian Fold Belts: The Next Hot Play?

Three successful cycles of petroleum reserve build-up can be recognised in the history of Russian petroleum exploration. Could the fold belts be the basis of the next cycle?

GEO History Worldwide

The First Oil Shock

At a time when oil prices spiralled down from over $100 to below $50 within half a year, talking about ‘oil shock’ may seem odd. Yet, the oil shock of 1973–74 was not only the first of its kind on a global scale, but also set the political-economic stage for oil shocks and oil market crashes in the following decades.

GEO Education Worldwide

Field-based Training: Luxury or Necessity?

What is the role of field geology today, what will it be in the future and what specifically is the importance of field-based training to petroleum geosciences? Is it a ‘luxury’ we cannot afford to give up?

Q&A Europe

NORM in Shale Gas and Oil Operations

As unconventional gas and oil operations expand in Europe, understanding the nature of naturally occurring radioactive material is necessary for managing environmental effects, as Anna Kaniewska at Golder Associates explains.

GEO Profile Europe

“Oil Has Been Good to Me”

Ian Forrest was a founder member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Raised in one of the poorer parts of Glasgow in Scotland, he flew with the RAF in World War II before going on to explore for hydrocarbons in many parts of the world. Here he tells us about his long and exciting life in oil.