Vol. 12, No. 5

This edition of GEO ExPro magazine focuses on Africa, South America and Geophysics.

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Regional Update

10 Update

16 Licensing Opportunities

18 A Minute to Read

50 Recent Advances in Technology: Supercomputers for Beginners I

54 GEO Profile: Susan Cunningham – The Psychology of Exploration

98 GEO Cities: Vibrant, Exciting New Orleans

100 Exploration Update

102 GEO Media: Fracking – Nailing the Truth 104 Q&A: Geophysics

106 Hot Spot: Mauritania

108 Global Resource Management



22 Cover Story GEO Tourism: Chile’s Ring of Fire

28 Exploration: Deepwater Tano Basin

32 Exploration: New Global Sediment Thickness Map

36 Seismic Foldout: Western Australia – A New Offshore Oil Province

42 Country Profile: Uruguay – Small Country, Big Opportunities

46 Industry Issues: Ghana – From African Star to IMF Bail-out

58 Seismic Foldout: Deepwater Kwanza Basin

64 Exploration: That’s Not a Very Prospective Basin...

68 GEO Physics: A Simple Guide to Seismic Detuning

74 Geology: Gas Blowouts in Northern Russia

80 Seismic Foldout: Exploration in the Transform Margin

86 Reservoir Management: Water Matters!

90 Industry Issues: Building Africa’s Future

94 Technology Explained: Cognitive Interpretation


Seismic Foldouts Africa

Ivory Coast Exploration in the Transform Margin

In 1996 PGS acquired a 1,600 3D survey over blocks CI-104, 515, 115 and 116. This survey has now been through reprocessing using a broadband processing workflow and reinterpreted by PGS. Here we present an introduction to the petroleum geology of Ivory Coast and discuss the results of the interpretation project.

Exploration Africa

That’s Not a Very Prospective Basin…

Time was when industry interest in the MSGBC Basin was lukewarm to say the least: not any more. The recent world-class oil discoveries by Cairn-FAR-Conoco-Phillips offshore Senegal and by Kosmos offshore southern Mauritania have shone a very bright light on the region’s hydrocarbon potential.

GEO Physics Worldwide

Geophysics: A Simple Guide to Seismic Amplitudes and Detuning

Seismic amplitude changes may tell us something about reservoir lithology, porosity, and/or fluids. However, seismic tuning effects are potentially much larger than amplitude variations due to geological changes. Understanding this key concept is critical to effective seismic interpretation.

Reservoir Management Worldwide

Water Matters!

Water occurs virtually everywhere in oil and gas fields – yet it is often ignored. But the composition of today´s formation water is the result of multiple hydrogeochemical processes, and a primary source of valuable information.

Geology The Arctic

Gas Blowouts on the Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas

Last year a giant crater was discovered on the Yamal Peninsula south of the Kara Sea in the Russian Arctic, just 30 km south of the giant Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field. It rapidly became world famous as the Yamal crater, holding secrets to the degasification of the Earth’s core.

GEO Profile Worldwide

Psychology of Exploration

Setting out to explore for hydrocarbons, Noble Energy’s Susan Cunningham found herself on a journey of self-exploration, which led to a host of discoveries beyond her wildest imagination.

Seismic Foldouts Australasia

Western Australia: North Carnarvon-Roebuck Basins

The 2014 Phoenix South-1 well drilled offshore Western Australia has confirmed at least four discrete oil columns in the Triassic Lower Keraudren Formation. The discovery of exceptionally good quality light oil with a high API gravity and favourable mobility represents one of the most significant developments in the region in recent times. The discovery, made whilst searching for the extension of discovered gas, represents a new oil province for Australia.

GEO Tourism South America

Southern Chile’s Ring of Fire

Southern Chile is the setting for the dramatic snow-covered volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This stunning volcanic range is the surface expression of the subduction of the Pacific seafloor under the western margin of South America. The southern Chilean Andes offer a fantastic playground for those who want to experience volcanoes - either peacefully or loaded with adrenaline!

Technology Explained Worldwide

Cognitive Interpretation

Human vision and cognition have evolved over millions of years into an incredibly powerful system that enables us to actively seek the information we need to make sense of and interact with all aspects of the world around us. Despite the complexity and sophistication of the processes involved, vision and cognition are processes that we carry out quickly, continuously and with no conscious effort.

Exploration Worldwide

A New Global Sediment Thickness Map of the World

Experts from Getech have been addressing the challenge of deriving a globally consistent depth-to-basement map and have devised an approach which accounts for the obstacles of variable data resolution and types, irregular constraints and different geological settings.

Editor's Patch Worldwide

Bountiful Continents

Africa and South America together contributed ~20% of the world’s total oil production in 2013 but in the current industry downturn investment dollars may move away from ‘difficult’ countries to ones where there are fewer bureaucratic obstacles and that could impact both continents badly.