Vol. 12, No. 6

This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on North-West Europe, the Middle East and Mature Fields.

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Regional Update

10 Update

14 A Minute to Read

18 Licensing Opportunities

30 Recent Advances in Technology: Supercomputing for Beginners II

38 GEO Profile: Mahmoud Abdulbaqi – Dedicated to the Industry

48 History of Oil: The Petroleum Gulf

78 GEO Tourism: The Ross Sea, Antarctica

82 GEO Education: Back to Source Rocks

86 Exploration Update

88 GEO Media: An Education in Oil

90 Hot Spot: Texas

92 Global Resource Management



20 Seismic Foldout: Croatia’s 2016 Licence Round

26 Cover Story: Iraqi Kurdistan – It’s All in the Timing

34 Geology: Black and Blue

42 Seismic Foldout: The East Shetland Platform

54 Exploration: The Triassic Margin Play

60 Reservoir Management: Avoiding Reservoir Souring

64 Seismic Foldout: UK Continental Shelf

70 Exploration: Lebanon – The New Levantine Exploration Opportunity

74 Mature Fields: Teamwork at Rangely


Exploration Middle East

Lebanon. The New Levantine Exploration Opportunity.

Lebanon lies at the centre of known regional hydrocarbon systems, but it is poorly explored and understood, possibly due to topographic challenges to terrestrial geophysical acquisition. A recently acquired suite of airborne geophysical measurements complemented by sub-surface regional resistivity data aims to remedy this situation.

Geology Worldwide

Black & Blue

Using blue sky science data to aid in de-risking black gold exploration.

GEO Education Worldwide

Back to Source Rocks: Part I

The science and analytical techniques to investigate petroleum source rocks have been developed over the past four decades. Understanding the geology and geochemistry of source rocks is crucial to petroleum geoscience and engineering. In Part I of this article, we review the protracted (with hindrances) formation of organic matter in source rocks, involving processes from solar radiation to sea-floor sedimentation.

GEO Tourism Worldwide

The Ross Sea, Antarctica

Remoteness and extreme weather, coupled with increasing environmental concerns, mean that only about 200 visitors reach the Ross Sea each year - but once there they are rewarded with spectacular views and Neogene to present-day volcanoes.

Hot Spot North America

Oil Production Surges in Texas

In spite of the recent decline in oil price, rig count, drilling permits and well completions, with an estimated 1.284 Bb of production in 2015, Texas is expected to break historical records for crude oil production.

GEO Profile Middle East

Dedicated to the Industry

Mahmoud Abdulbaqi, retired VP of E&P at Saudi Aramco, and one of the founders of the Bahrain GEO series of conferences, tells us about his career and his belief that the way forward for the industry is through finding, educating, training and retaining the right people.