Vol. 13, No. 1

This edition of GEO ExPro magazine focuses on North Africa, the Middle East, carbonate reservoirs and non-seismic geophysics.

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Regional Update

10 GEO ExPro Update: Finding A&D Opportunities in the Fog

12 GEO ExPro Update: What Next for the Arctic?

14 A Minute to Read

38 Recent Advances in Technology: Supercomputers III – GPU-Accelerated Computing

46 GEO Tourism: The Atlantic Road – A Metamorphic Journey

56 GEO Profile: Susan Gourvenec – Australia on the Map

60 Exploration Update

62 GEO Media: Planet Oil

64 Q&A: The Next Generation of Petroleum Geoscientists

66 Global Resource Management


18 Technology Explained: Drone Magic

22 Exploration: Carbonates Potential in the Mediterranean

28 Industry Issues: Hopes and Hazards After the Arab Spring

34 Technology Explained: The Digital Oilfield – Are We There Yet?

42 Exploration: New Opportunities Offshore West Egypt

50 Exploration: Iran After Sanctions – Opportunities and Risks

54 Reservoir Management: An Electrical Rock Physics Framework


Q&A Europe

The Next Generation of Petroleum Geoscientists

Royal Holloway, University of London recently celebrated 30 years of their MSc course in Petroleum Geoscience. To mark the occasion, they hosted a 30 year Celebratory Symposium with speakers comprising alumni as well as past and present staff members.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Drone Magic

Photographs acquired through unmanned aerial vehicles are revolutionising digital outcrop models, allowing geoscientists unprecedented insight into subsurface reservoirs.

Exploration Europe

Mediterranean Carbonate Potential: Lessons from Existing Discoveries

The opening of new areas and the changing regional political and economic situation, together with innovative technologies, new seismic data and improved imaging, have revitalised exploration activity in the Central and Western Mediterranean. Analysing the characteristics of previous carbonate discoveries can help future exploration activity.

Editor's Patch Worldwide

A Wind of Change?

A recent UN agreement aimed at countering anthropogenic climate change is predicted to have a major impact on the oil and gas industry. What, if anything, is being done to protect industry interests?

Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Supercomputers for Beginners - Part III. GPU-Accelerated Computing

Many TOP500 supercomputers today use both CPUs and GPUs to give the best of both worlds: GPU processing to perform mathematically intensive computations on very large data sets, and CPUs to run the operating system and perform traditional serial tasks. CPU-GPU collaboration is necessary to achieve high-performance computing.

Exploration Africa

New Opportunities Offshore West Egypt

Hydrocarbon exploration success offshore Egypt to date is mainly associated with the prolific Pliocene sequence in the Nile Delta Basin, but as the recent Zohr discovery shows, there are other potential plays to follow. Here, we look at the relatively unexplored area of offshore West Egypt.

Exploration Middle East

Iran After Sanctions: Opportunities and Risks

Iran provides a significant opportunity to access low cost production for the right companies. In response to the removal of sanctions, we take a look at the opportunities and challenges, both technical and commercial, of working in the country.