Vol. 13, No. 3

This edition of GEO ExPro magazine focuses on North America, and unconventional exploration and technologies.

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Regional Update

10 A Minute to Read

64 Exploration Update

66 GEO Media: 300 Years of Geotourism

68 Q&A: Do We Need CCS?

70 Global Resource Management


14 Cover Story: GEO Tourism – Spectacular Swartberg

18 Technology Explained: Cleaner Future for Heavy Oil Extraction

22 Reservoir Management: Predicting Reservoir Properties

24 Recent Advances in Technology: Supercomputers 4 – Quantum Computers

28 Seismic Foldout: Beyond the Puffin – The Vulcan Sub-Basin

34 Unconventional Exploration: A World of Opportunity?

38 Giant Fields: East Baghdad

42 Exploration: The East Shetland Platform and Mid North Sea High

46 Industry Issues: A Holistic Approach

50 Seismic Foldout: The Gambia – the Next Major Oil Play?

56 Industry Issues: On Shaky Ground – Induced Earthquakes

60 History of Oil: GoM – Beyond Sight of Land


GEO Tourism Africa

Spectacular Swartberg

The Swartberg Mountains in the Western Cape province of South Africa are considered to be one of the finest exposed fold mountain chains in the world. Two dramatic passes afford the geologist unparalleled views of Paleozoic quarzitic sandstones folded spectacular fashion.

Web Exclusive Worldwide

Industry Technology for Research

British Antarctic Survey recently purchased two drones to be deployed at its science research station in Antarctica. The aim is to use the drones to make measurements that are not currently possible and to undertake airborne analyses in a more economical way.

GEO History North America

Beyond Sight of Land

Oil exploration moved from the land to the sea only a few years after Titusville. Here we take a look at how offshore oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico developed from 1869 to the early 1960s.

Technology Explained North America

A Cleaner Future for Heavy Oil Extraction

Climate change has raised questions about the future of carbon-intensive industries, including the development of unconventional oil reserves. But emerging technology from Canada is proving that heavy oil extraction can be made cleaner without imposing major costs on producers or the environment.