Vol. 13, No. 4

This edition of GEO ExPro magazine focuses on South America and the South Atlantic, and Geophysics.

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5 Editorial

6 Licensing Update

8 Regional Update: South America

10 A Minute to Read

20 GEO Tourism: Neuquén Foothills – Geology, Dinosaurs and... Asado

42 GEO Physics: Marine Seismic Data – Faster, Better, Cheaper?

46 GEO Profile: Gladys Gonzalez – Making a Difference

64 Exploration Update

66 GEO Media: Six Books to Refresh Your Geology

68 Q&A: Independent Geophysical Research

70 Global Resource Management


16 Cover Story Exploration: Haven’t I Seen That Somewhere Before?

24 Industry Issues: Social Seismic – Petroleum and the Public

28 Seismic Foldout: Clari-FiTM Seismic – Portugal and Mid-North Sea High

34 Exploration/Technology: Suriname – New Technology Unlocks Potential

38 Recent Advances in Technology: Decoding Nature’s Disorder

50 Seismic Foldout: World Class Exploration Opportunities in Deepwater Mexico

56 Exploration: Argentina – The Final Atlantic Margin Frontier

60 Reservoir Management: Quantifying Reservoir Performance


Exploration South America

Suriname - New Technology Unlocks Hydrocarbon Potential

An improved knowledge of fault systems is important in understanding Suriname’s onshore oil fields – and the application of FTG data can be a vital tool in unlocking this knowledge.

GEO Profile Europe

Making a Difference

Gladys Gonzalez, 2013–2014 President of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, is an enthusiastic geoscientist, committed to increasing diversity in the oil and gas industry.

Editor's Patch Worldwide

Innovate and Grow

As the oil price continues bouncing around the $45 mark, and it feels as though it is impossible to tighten belts any further, one word has come to represent the way ahead: innovation.

GEO Media Worldwide

6 Books To Refresh Your Geology

As professionals we tend to become engaged in specialized fields and projects, and thus have less and less time to refresh our knowledge of general geology. Reading about the progress made and prospects of new findings in our science can also be fun.

GEO Tourism South America

Neuquén Foothills: Geology, Dinosaurs and… Asado

An ideal place for geologists features most aspects of geology, from sedimentology, tectonics, and volcanism to hydrocarbons; has a warm climate; perfect outcrops; breathtaking landscapes; outstanding food and good wines; and extraordinary inhabitants. This heavenly place has a name: Neuquén.