Vol. 13, No. 6

This edition of GEO ExPro magazine focuses on Asia, Frontier Exploration and Geochemistry.

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5 Editorial

6 Licensing Update

8 Regional Update

10 Update: Papua New Guinea Sesmic

12 A Minute to Read

22 GEO Education: Back to Source Rocks II

28 GEO Chemistry: A Light in the Downturn

42 GEO Chemistry: Exploration Geochemistry in the Digital Age

46 GEO Tourism: The Oki Islands: A Japanese Geopark

50 GEO Physics: Seismic Interpretation with Machine Learning

58 GEO Chemistry: The Geochemist’s Toolbox

66 Exploration Update

68 Q&A: The Value of international Campuses

70 GEO Media: First Geological Map of Eastern Europe

72 Global Resource Management


16 Cover Story – Exploration: The Wildest Plays on the Planet

30 GEO Science Explained: A Time-Saving Taxonomic Tool

32 Exploration: The Faroe Islands – a New Beginning

36 Seismic Foldout: High Resolution IGT in the Gulf of Mexico

54 Recent Advances in Technology: Magnetics for Hydrocarbon Exploration

62 Exploration: Hiding in the Basement


Exploration Worldwide

Hiding in the Basement

Following a string of exploration successes, Robert Trice of Hurricane Energy believes that, with the correct data, only imagination is needed to unlock the UK’s huge basement resource potential.

GEO Education Worldwide

Back to Source Rocks: Part II

What makes a sedimentary rock an effective petroleum source rock? A review of the analytical methods used to characterize source rocks for successful petroleum exploration and production.

GEO Tourism Europe

Martley - A GeoVillage

Martley in Worcestershire, UK, hosts a fascinating assemblage of geological features, providing exposures of at least eight periods stretching over 700 million years.

GEO Chemistry Worldwide

The Geochemist’s Tool Box

The conjugate petroleum systems of the North Atlantic, finding hydrocarbons and developing the assets - all viewed through the oil-stained spectacles of geochemistry.