Vol. 15, No. 1

This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on the Middle East, Land Seismic and Carbon Capture and Storage.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update

8 Licensing Update

10 A Minute to Read

38 GEO Science Explained: Ichnofabrics – An Invaluable Tool

46 GEO Profile: Donald Rusk – Adventures in Exploration

56 Industry Issues: Can Oil and Gas Save CCS in Europe?

64 GEO Media: An Enjoyable Textbook

66 Exploration Update

70 Global Resource Management: Where to Invest!


14 Cover Story: GEO Tourism – The Grand Canyon of the Middle East

20 GEO Physics: Passive Seismic – Thinking Differently

24 Industry Issues: CCS – Clean Growth, EOR and Sushi!

28 Seismic Foldout: Norwegian Barents Sea – The Norsel High

34 Giant Fields: Rumaila–West Qurna – A Unique Supergiant Field

42 Recent Advances in Technology: Introduction to Deep Learning III

50 Seismic Foldout: Deepwater West African 3D Seismic

60 History of Oil: Max Steineke and the Structure Drill

68 Q&A: Land-Based Seismic – Looking Ahead