Vol. 15, No. 3

This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on Europe and South East Asia; New Technologies; and the Great Crew Change.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update

8 Licensing Update

10 A Minute to Read

26 Hot Spot: East Mediterranean

28 Industry Issues: The Need to Retain Experience

54 Exploration: Revealing North Sea Injectites

70 GEO Media: The Earth Geological Globe

72 Exploration Update

74 Q&A: Young Professionals

76 Global Resource Management


12 Cover Story: GEO Tourism – Indonesian Wonders

16 Technology Explained: Unlocking the Triassic

20 Seismic Foldout: Brazil Regional Prospectivity Highlighted

26 Hot Spot: East Mediterranean

32 Technology Explained: See Your Reservoir at the Surface!

36 Exploration: Hammerfest Basin’s Unexplored Potential

38 GEO Profile: Andy Wight – Exploring South East Asia

42 Seismic Foldout: Exploring the Norwegian Atlantic Margin

48 Reservoir Management: Leveraging AI for Production Optimisation

52 Recent Advances in Technology: Marine Vibrators, Part I

58 GEO Physics: A Simple Guide to Depth Conversion, Part II

60 Geology: Generating Really Good Structural Maps

64 Seismic Foldout: A New Approach to Exploration


Seismic Foldouts South America

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Brazil

A region with prolific petroleum systems, such as in the Santos, Campos and Sergipe Basins; new hydrocarbon prospectivity in Brazil has been discovered in the less explored East Potiguar Basin.

Exploration Worldwide

Surface Geochemical Exploration

A newly developed method for detecting petroleum seepage using surface geochemical exploration.

Geology Worldwide

How To Generate The Best Structural Maps

The oil and gas industry has everything to gain from high-quality structural maps and this article from Dr. Francis Richards aims to tell you just how to generate the best structural maps.

Exploration Europe

Hammerfest Basin: Petroleum Geology

New 3D seismic data provides fresh insight into the future oil & gas potential of the prolific Hammerfest Basin in the Norwegian Barents Sea.