Geoscience magazine geo expro v16 i6

Vol. 16, No. 6

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Europe and Frontier Exploration, Modelling and Mapping, and Geochemistry.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update

8 Licensing Update

10 A Minute to Read

18 Hot Spot: Malaysia – Exciting Times Ahead

30 GEO Education: New Life to Old Maps

38 Reservoir Management: New Reservoir Modelling Workflow

48 Recent Advances in Technology: Arrhenius to CO2 Storage – Part V

52 GEO Chemistry: What is Chemostratigraphy?

70 Geology: Improving North Sea Understanding

80 Exploration Update

82 Q&A: Mapping the Future

84 FlowBack: Gas with a Difference


14 Cover Story: Country Profile: Manx Gas for the Isle of Man

20 Seismic Foldout: New Insights and Play Models, North Viking Graben

26 GEO Tourism: Traversing the Southern Sierra Nevada

34 Exploration: All Eyes are on Denmark

42 Seismic Foldout: Caribbean Atlantic Margin Deep Imaging

56 History of Oil: A Pioneer in Petroleum Engineering

60 Giant Fields: Advances in Stratigraphic Trap Exploration

64 Seismic Foldout: Filling in the Blanks

72 GEO Profile: David Houseknecht – Solving the Alaska Puzzle

76 GEO Chemistry: The Origin of Shale Gases


GEO Tourism North America

Traversing the Southern Sierra Nevada

While wandering 240 km across California from Bakersfield to Death Valley, the geotourist can marvel at a range of superlative wonders, from the densest developed oil field to the deepest canyon and the lowest point in the United States.
Geo tourism southern sierra nevada california geology thumb

Exploration Europe

Renewing Oil and Gas Exploration in Denmark

Denmark has a rich exploration history with numerous hydrocarbon discoveries totalling over 100 MMboe in recoverable reserves. Recently reprocessed vintage 3D data provides the perfect platform to support any renewed exploration efforts in Denmark.
New oil gas exploration offshore denmark ion geophysical denmark 3d 8 thumb

Country Profile Europe

Manx Gas for the Isle of Man

The role of gas in the transition to renewables is the driver behind a local energy company on the Isle of Man, with the backing of local business, government and the community.
Isle of man manx gas crogga ltd british geological survey 8 thumb

Giant Fields Worldwide

Advances in Stratigraphic Trap Exploration

Analysis of the AAPG giant fields database reveals that there has been a step change in volumes of oil attributed to non-structural traps in the last 20 years. Why is that – and where should we be looking for them?
Advances in stratigraphic trap exploration 5 thumb

Exploration Worldwide

New Reservoir Modelling Workflow

An innovative new modelling workflow for reservoir characterisation has been developed that is capable of producing an advanced 3D geomodel of any subsurface zone of interest and can identify potential sand gas or oil zones that have previously lain undetected within a producing area.
New reservoir modelling workflow dimension strata 7 thumb

GEO Chemistry Worldwide

What is Chemostratigraphy?

Chemostratigraphy has evolved and grown from a niche, often misunderstood, speciality into a comprehensive, inclusive, game-changing technology that delivers real insight in oil and gas exploration.
What is chemostratigraphy chemostrat geochemistry 4 thumb

Exploration Europe

Wildcat Exploration: Unlocking the Frontier

The upstream industry has been reluctant to invest in exploration recently, especially in wildcat wells, yet from 2013-2019, north-west Europe has seen some success through wildcat exploration.
Wildcat exploration frontier regions ukcs ncs oil gas 2 thumb

Editorials Worldwide

GEO ExPro Vol. 16, No. 6 Out Now!

Geoscience magazine GEO ExPro Vol. 16, No. 6 is available for download. This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Europe and Frontier Exploration, Modelling and Mapping, and Geochemistry.
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