Vol. 17, No. 4

This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on Europe and Latin America; Developments in Geophysics; and Using the Cloud.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update: Latin America Leads the Way

8 Licensing Update: Somalia

10 A Minute to Read

20 Technology Explained: A Bridge Between Two Worlds

22 History of Oil: The Khoshtaria Concessions

42 GEO Profile: Alfredo Guzmán – Making a Case for Mexico

46 Recent Advances in Technology: From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage – Part IX

52 Exploration: Pitfall Petrofacies

56 Hot Spot: The Nile Delta

72 GEO Media: Celebrating Ramsay’s Rock Folds and Fractures

74 Exploration Update

76 Q&A: Taking Ownership of Your Career

78 FlowBack: Changing the Traffic


14 COVER STORY: GEO Tourism: The Bolivian Altiplano

28 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Artificial Intelligence – Revolutionizing our Understanding

34 Seismic Interpretation: Cinder Cone or Mud Volcano

38 Technology Explained: Making Waves with Big Seismic Computing

58 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Offshore Argentina – Tertiary Play Potential in the Malvinas Basin

64 Industry Issues: No Longer a Dream

68 Exploration: Chasing Plays Along the Rona Ridge


Seismic Foldouts Europe

AI Seismic Interpretation

Structural seismic interpretation can be a complex and time-consuming task. See how cutting-edge AI technology is enabling a revolution in subsurface understanding.

Industry Issues Worldwide

Solutions for Real-Time Subsurface Monitoring and Control

Dealing with large datasets has been always a challenge for the industry, keeping real-time monitoring and control of subsurface operations, until now, only a dream – but it is fast becoming a reality. Advanced methods of real-time subsurface monitoring can benefit not only mainstream oil and gas exploration and production decisions and enhanced oil recovery, but also carbon storage and enhanced geothermal systems.

Exploration Europe

Chasing Hydrocarbon Plays Along the Rona Ridge

Review of new 3D seismic data in the Faroe-Shetland Basin has revealed new hydrocarbon potential of the Early Cretaceous syn-rift and Precambrian fractured basement plays along the northern extent of the Rona Ridge - one of the least mature producing regions on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

Editorials Worldwide

Disruptive Subsurface Interpretation Software

The latest version of Eliis's intuitive, semi-automatic subsurface interpretation software, PaleoScan, brings enhanced geological modelling and improved automatic fault extraction workflows to the geoscience community for use in oil and gas exploration worldwide.

Editorials Worldwide

Geoscience Cloud Solutions for a Pandemic

Cloud-based software solution, Seequent Central, supports geoscience analysis, modelling and collaborative technologies enabling organisations to work on critical large-scale hydrocarbon and geothermal projects from wherever they are in the world.

Exploration Australasia

Cinder Cone or Mud Volcano?

A triangular feature identified in modern seismic on the Papuan Plateau went 'viral' on social media amongst the geoscience community as geoscientists from all over the world debated their theories on this geological puzzle.

Editorials Worldwide

GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 4 Out Now!

Geoscience magazine GEO ExPro Vol. 17, No. 4 is available for download. This edition of GEO ExPro focuses on Europe and Latin America; Developments in Geophysics; and Using the Cloud.

Exploration Australasia

Hydrocarbon Exploration New Zealand: A Beginning or the End?

In April OMV, with partners OMV Sapura and Mitsui, announced the success of the Toutouwai-1 well in the Taranaki Basin Block 60093 offshore New Zealand’s. However, further exploration drilling to test for oil and gas is on hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions.