Vol. 18, No. 2

This issue of GEO ExPro focuses on North America; New Technologies; the Future for Geoscientists

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update: The Third Growth Phase of the Haynesville Play

8 Licencing Update: PETRONAS Launches Malaysia Bid Round, 2021

10 A Minute to Read

26 Energy Transition: Critical Minerals from Petroleum Fields

30 GEO Tourism: Big Bend Country

36 Hot Spot: North America

48 Exploration: Behind the Hybrid Curtain

60 Recent Advances in Technology: From Arrhenius to CO₂ Storage – Part XII

70 GEO Profile: Volcanoes to Venture Capitalists

74 GEO Physics: Know Before you Go!

78 Exploration Update

80 GEO Media: Breakthroughs in Geology

82 Q&A: Iman Hill: Championing Secure Energy Supply

84 FlowBack: ESG and Those Burning Issues


14 Cover Story: Gas Flaring

20 Seismic Foldout: The Greater Orphan Basin

34 Energy Transition Update: Increasing Energy While Decreasing Carbon

38 GEO Education: Geoscientists for the Energy Transition

42 Seismic Foldout: Ultra-Long Offsets Signal a Bright Future for OBN

52 GEO Physics: Nimble Nodes

56 Exploration: Alaska Anxiously Awaits its Fate

64 Seismic Foldout: Revealing the Intra-Zechstein Prospectivity on the UK Mid North Sea High


Q&A Worldwide

Championing Secure Energy Supply

Iman Hill, the new Executive Director of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) talks about her new leadership role and the future of oil and gas in a transitioning world.

GEO Media Worldwide

Breakthroughs in Geology

In his new book, Breakthroughs in Geology, Graham Park, Emeritus Professor of Tectonic Geology at the University of Keele, UK, describes the ideas that he believes have transformed earth science.

Exploration Asia

PETRONAS Launches Malaysia Bid Round, 2021

At, a virtual event held on 26 February 2021, with over 250 potential and existing investors, PETRONAS successfully launched the annual Malaysia Bid Round (MBR) 2021, with a total of 13 offshore exploration blocks on offer.

GEO Physics Worldwide

Ray-Based Seismic Modeling

Ray-based seismic modeling has come a long way and the motivation for this is simple enough: performing a modeling study is significantly cheaper than failing in the field!

Editorials Worldwide

US Energy Refocus?

President Biden’s new administration has a very different view of climate change from the Trump Government. Early indicators are that there will be a significant focus on renewables.

Exploration Middle East

Hydrocarbon Hot Spot: North America

Last year, the North American E&P community saw a symbolic negative oil price blink, rig counts and production rates plummeting, a new US administration slapping moratoriums on federal land and waters while appointing ‘greens’ to high positions. All in all, an upstream world turned upside down.

Energy Transition Worldwide

Gas Flaring

Gas flaring is a significant source of economic and environmental waste, but it is also a quick win decarbonization lever!