Vol. 18, No. 4

This issue of GEO ExPro focuses on the Middle East and Asia; Geophysics, Machine Learning and AI.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update: When Will We See Confidence in Asian M&A Activity?

8 Licencing Update: Pandemic Affects Licensing Plans

10 A Minute to Read

14 Geology: Secure Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

30 Energy Transition Update: The Power of Data

36 HotSpot: Progress in Pakistan

38 New Technology: How Machine Learning is Helping Seismic Structural Interpreters in The Age of Big Data

52 GEO History: Adventures in Middle Eastern Oil

56 Exploration: A Journey of a Thousand Miles

74 Geochemistry: Hot Enough in the South-East Adriatic?

78 Exploration Update

80 Industry Issues: Representing Geoscience for Over 200 Years

82 Q&A: Kirsti Karlsson: 2,000 GEO ExPro Articles and Counting

84 FlowBack: No Transition Without Offsets


20 Seismic Foldout: Countdown to CCS

26 GEO Tourism: Cliffs, Kayaks and Krabi

32 Exploration: Suriname’s Demerara

42 Seismic Foldout: Can Sparse OBN Equal Savings and Data Quality?

48 Energy Transition: New Life for Old Wells

60 New Technology: AI: a Game Changer in Seismic Acquisition and Processing

64 Seismic Foldout: AI Seismic Interpretation for a Better, More Sustainable Tomorrow

70 Geology: What Drives Continents Apart?


Q&A Worldwide

2,000 GEO ExPro Articles and Counting

GEO ExPro was founded in 2004 and is now a well-established Geoscience publication. Kirsti Karlsson, Sales and Marketing Director of GEO ExPro talks about her career with the magazine and how it is adapting to the new world order.

GEO Chemistry Europe

Working Petroleum Systems Offshore Montenegro

Evidence for working petroleum systems offshore Montenegro as new geochemical information reveals the presence of an oil-prone Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous source rock on The Dalmatian platform.

Energy Transition Worldwide

No Transition Without Offsets

If you are a big emitter of carbon, then reaching net zero means investing in carbon offsets – in the short term at least - and it’s perhaps no surprise that oil and gas companies around the world have become big players in the offset market.

Hot Spot Asia

Progress in Pakistan

Hydrocarbon success in the hinterland of Pakistan’s major fold and thrust belts.

Seismic Foldouts South America

Can Sparse OBN Equal Savings and Data Quality?

One way to decrease the cost and time of seismic data acquisition is to design sparser surveys by decimating the number of shots and receivers used. The tradeoffs associated with such decimations are investigated further here, using ocean-bottom node (OBN) data from a complex geological setting in a pre-salt play of the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil.

Exploration Worldwide

Pandemic Affects Oil and Gas Licensing Plans

The upstream part of the oil and gas industry has been particularly disrupted with the global impact of the pandemic massively reducing the demand for oil and gas during 2020 - resulting in an almost unprecedented collapse in exploration activities globally.

Editorials Worldwide

AI and Code Red for Humanity

GEO ExPro Editor in Chief, Iain Brown, on the use of AI and autonomous technology in the oil, gas and energy industry - and an introduction to the latest edition of the magazine.