Vol. 18, No. 5

This issue of GEO ExPro focuses on Northwest Europe; Africa; Seismic Interpretation and Increasing Efficiency in E&P.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update: Rebound in Africa?

7 Licencing Update: Future of European Oil and Gas Licensing

9 A Minute to Read

36 HotSpot: UAE – Looking Outward

38 Exploration: The Outer Rovuma Fan

56 Exploration: Productive Petroleum Basins of Morocco

60 Energy Transition Update: Africa at the Crossroads

70 Q&A: Scott Tinker: The Complexities of Secure Energy Supply

78 Exploration Update

84 FlowBack: Scotland’s Energy Mix


14 Cover Story: New Technology: Driving a Quantum Leap in E&P Efficiency

20 Seismic Foldout: Barents Sea: New TopSeis Images Illuminate Near-field Opportunities

26 GEO Tourism: Namibia: Ancient Rocks in the World’s Oldest Desert

30 Geology: A Long Route to Lake Kivu

42 Seismic Foldout: Quantitative Interpretation Reveals Prospectivity of the Kwanza Shelf, Offshore Angola

48 Industry Issues: North Sea Core: An Undervalued Asset

52 Sponsored Article: A Straightforward Workflow for Monitoring CO2 Storage

64 Seismic Foldout: True Hybrid 3D

74 New Technology: New Life for Legacy Well Cuttings

80 Exploration: South Africa Poised for Exploration Greatness


Energy Transition Europe

UK Gas Shock – It Shouldn’t Be

The UK has little to no gas storage capacity and is at risk of becoming overly reliant on renewable energy to keep the lights on this winter, according to John Underhill, a Professor of Geoscience and Energy Transition at Heriot-Watt University.

Technology Explained Worldwide

New Life for Legacy Well Cuttings

There are millions of drill cuttings samples from thousands of oil and gas wells sitting unloved and under-utilised in warehouses and core repositories around the world, but there is now real momentum behind the concept of digitalising entire national archives.

Exploration Africa

Rebound in Africa?

Encouragement that we may see a modest rebound in Africa as we go into the final quarter of 2021 with Egypt and Angola leading the charge in M&A activity.

Exploration Europe

Future of European Oil and Gas Licensing

The two major oil and gas producers in northern Europe appear to be on slightly different trajectories when it comes to their approach to future exploitation of their continental shelves. What does the future hold for European oil and gas licensing?

Exploration Africa

South Africa Poised for Exploration Greatness

Pending the result of two deepwater wells, due to be drilled in late 2021, the Orange Basin offshore South Africa is set to become the world's next hydrocarbon exploration hotspot.

Editorials Worldwide

Real Rocks and Explosive Lakes

Two of the articles in this issue address physical rock samples, though very differently. Editor in Chief, Iain Brown, introduces the latest issue (Vol. 18, No. 5) in this short editorial.

Sponsored Content Worldwide

A Straightforward Workflow for Monitoring CO2 Storage

Estimating and appreciating the distribution of injected CO2 allows better understanding of the reservoir and identifies potential gas migration. Using PaleoScan™ provides a fast method from seismic conditioning to carbon capture storage quantification.