Vol. 19, No. 2

This issue of GEO ExPro focuses on North West Europe; North Africa; Reservoir Management; Seismic Acquisition and Processing.

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5 Editorial

6 Regional Update: North Africa Round-up

8 Licensing Update: Egyptian Activity Buoyant with a 2022 Exploration Bid Round Expected

10 A Minute to Read

13 Geology: Nature Shows Off

32 Recent Advances in Technology: From Arrhenius to CO₂ Storage – Part XV

36 HotSpot: The High Impact Potential of the Orange Basin

48 Exploration: Responsible Upstream Investment in the UKCS

62 History of Oil: The History of Oil and Gas in Dragon Country

66 Technology Explained: Artificial Intelligence – Its Use in Exploration and Production

76 Exploration Update

77 Energy Transition: An Exciting Future for Geoscientists

79 Reservoir Management: Exploring Uncertainty in Subsurface Modelling and Forecasting

82 FlowBack: Transition That’s Fit for Purpose


15 Cover Story: Exploration: The Future of Gas Exploration in the Transition

20 Seismic Foldout: Exploration Opportunities in The Gambia and Senegal

26 Exploration: OBN Seismic Unlocks New Play Potential

30 Energy Transition Update: Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Carbon-Free Flying?

37 Reservoir Management: Who Owns the Oil?

42 Seismic Foldout: Northern North Sea: A Dual-Azimuth Solution

51 Palaeontology: “Gone Fossil Hunting…”

56 Seismic Foldout: UK Mid North Sea High: Defining and De-risking Exploration in the Zechstein Play

70 Seismic Foldout: Seismic Imaging-Led Sedimentology Insight Reveals Extraordinary New Potential in the Gulf of Papua


Reservoir Management Worldwide

Exploring Uncertainty in Subsurface Modelling and Forecasting

Ensemble-based modelling has been delivering value to the E&P industry for over ten years, causing a fundamental re-think of what exactly is needed to more accurately forecast the future behaviour of a reservoir’s performance and enable better decisions to be made on developing and managing the production of hydrocarbon assets.

Geology Australasia

Nature Shows Off

Most Surtseyan style eruptions involve a relatively small amount of water encountering magma. But the explosion in January this year at the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcanic island erupted in a particularly spectacular fashion and the cause is still not yet fully understood.

Exploration Europe

Responsible Upstream Investment in the UKCS

In the UK’s ambitious net zero regulatory context, exploration can make a positive contribution to energy security, emissions reduction, local employment and revenue and tax generation to facilitate and subsidise future renewables growth.

Hot Spot Africa

The High Impact Hydrocarbon Potential of the Orange Basin

While the Mississippi, Congo, Nile, and many other major deltas around the world have been, and are being, successfully explored and developed, the vast Orange Basin offshore South Africa and Namibia has only recently started to reveal its enormous potential.

Exploration Africa

North Africa Round-Up

The North Africa region offers huge energy opportunities, but the bottom line is that its social challenges need to be solved.