Vol. 2, No. 5


GEO Profile Worldwide

"We are both very stubborn"

Only some eight years after the idea stroke on a flight out of Houston, two innovative physicists can claim that seabed logging has been fully accepted by the conservative oil industry.

GEO Tourism South America

Peru – Not just a tourist destination

After many years of civil unrest and terrorist activity Peru has now experienced relative economic and political stability for more than 15 years. A well-established hydrocarbon industry offering attractive terms has helped rebuild this beautiful country. However, faced with rising internal energy consumption, the country is trying to attract foreign companies to undertake exploration in new, possibly high-risk areas like the remote Madre de Dios Basin. Can Peru ever become self-sufficient in hydrocarbons again?

Global Resource Management Worldwide

Where most of the oil is

Huge amounts of oil sands in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin will in few years time strengthen Canada’s position as one of the world’s largest oil producers. This situation will also last for a long time as more oil can be recovered from the oil sands in the outback than from Saudi Arabia’s deserts.

GEO Science Explained Europe

Sand intrusions reveal increased reserves

Highly permeable sand bodies injected into low permeability shales may provide additional reserves to existing discoveries and fields if properly recognized. Such sandstones, a product of postdepositional remobilisation, may also constitute exploration targets in their own right when thick and laterally continuous. Improved understanding and detection of sand injectites has – in fact – led to a recent discovery.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Introducing geological processes in reservoir models

Reservoir modelling and reservoir simulation are based on data collected at multiple scales with resolution ranging from sub-millimetre to tens of metres. New software using knowledge of the geological processes forming the reservoir rock now makes it possible to generate more accurate reservoir models, thereby improving prediction of both production profiles and reservoir volumes.

Exploration Asia

Multi-client seismic spurs interest

The Northeast Sakhalin Shelf, with several giant fields already discovered and put on production, is recognised as a world-class petroleum province. New seismic acquired in the rest of the Sea of Okhotsk indicate that there is more to be found.

Exploration North America

Barrels for the future

Canada’s oil sands are the world’s largest single hydrocarbon resource. The huge volumes of thick, sticky crude oil – bitumen – are now being exploited at an increased pace. Thanks to thriving oil prices and improved technology, production is bound to double and reach two million barrels per day in only a few years time.