Vol. 3, No. 2


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Remote Sensing – The Rise of the Virtual Geologist

Over the years remote sensing has developed from an obscure and expensive experiment to an essential and cost effective tool in the search for hydrocarbons, particularly in remote and inaccessible parts of the world. We talk to Infoterra, one of the leading exponents of this complex and fascinating discipline.

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Most of us would bluntly say that geology has nothing to do with politics. We tend to believe that geological research is independent of political constraints.

Exploration Worldwide

Market Update

2008: Planet Earth, Sound of Geology; International Workshop in Bergen, 26.-28. April 2006, Software for the Asset Team, Will there be a Saudi oil shock to shake the World economy?, April 18 1906

GEO Profile Europe

It’s All About Data

"Our ability to accumulate and add value to data underpins our business," says Dr. Richard Fowler, Managing Director of Fugro Robertson, the North Wales based data and information company. He tells GeoExpro about recent developments in one of the oldest service companies in the UK oil industry.

GEO Tourism Middle East

Mesopotamia – the Cradle of Civilization

Several thousand years ago, between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, the rich and fertile soil of Mesopotamia gave birth to civilization. Today, deeply buried oil and gas reservoirs provide Mesopotamia with energy resources that are seen by many to be the cause of geopolitical conflicts and simultaneously fuel and threaten our civilization.

Hot Spot The Arctic

Barents Sea "Nondiscussed" Area

The disputed area between Norway and Russia in the Barents Sea, equalling the Norwegian North Sea in size, has a different petroleum system than the proven oil and gas provinces to the west and east. With pre-Jurassic source rocks, the most obvious targets are in Triassic clastics and Paleozoic carbonates.

Q&A North America

Contributing to a Greater Good

Dr. Lee T. Billingsley is presently President-Elect, and from July 1 he will be President of AAPG for one year. We have talked with Dr. Billingsley about his views on the petroleum industry and his visions for AAPG, an organisation that "gives a possibility to give back".

Exploration Africa

Frontier with high expectations

Mozambican authorities have good reasons to be optimistic when embarking on a new exploration campaign. Seeps of oil and gas are well documented at several localities in the Rovuma Basin, and potential source rocks are considered to be present throughout the area. Good quality reservoir rocks with high porosity have also been identified during a recent onshore mapping project.

GEO Science Explained North America

Episodic Global Tectonics: Sequence Stratigraphy Meets Plate Tectonics

Based on recent advances in plate tectonics, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, I suggest that the Earth is affected by relatively short-lived episodes of increased tectonic activity separated by longer intervals of relative quiescence. If true, this may have important implications for how we interpret the history of the earth and exploit its resources.

Exploration Asia

India - an Unprecedented Opportunity

Recent exploration successes have fueled interest in the Indian hydrocarbon industry. With the economy booming and a vibrant, young, well-educated workforce, this may be a good time to investigate the interesting new hydrocarbon opportunities being offered by the Indian government.