Vol. 3, No. 3


Exploration Africa

An oil prone frontier basin

A multitude of geological data suggests that the petroleum system is in place. Rich, voluminous source rocks, likely migration paths, good reservoir rocks and huge traps all make the Seychelles offshore basins a tempting target for companies ready to explore a frontier province.

Q&A Europe

Moving in the right direction

Dr. Gareth Williams is President of EAGE. We have talked with him about the organisation he has been serving for many years as well as the future of the oil and gas industry.

Editorials Worldwide

How much oil?

Read this carefully (adapted from ’BP Statistical Review of World Energy’): "Proven reserves is the estimated quantities of oil which geological and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty to be recoverable in future years from known reservoirs under current economic and operating conditions."

Exploration Worldwide

Market Update

Trading assets on the web, New Orleans, a city of past and present history, SeaBird to acquire SeaBed, Increased capacity for multi component seabed data acquisition, Doing it alone, Do you prefer chess or poker, EMGS Wins Award

GEO Profile Worldwide

Relationship Building is the Key to Success

Iman Hill has risen through the ranks from petroleum engineer to senior management roles with Shell and BG. She talks to GeoExpro about the skills needed to thrive in the modern oil industry, the paucity of women in high-ranking jobs – and about the pleasures and pitfalls of juggling a successful career with the demands of a young family.

GEO Tourism Europe

A World Renowned Section

With relatively easy access from Longyearbyen, the Festningen Section is a very popular geological attraction that displays an almost complete section of sedimentary rocks throughout the Mesozoic. Scientists, students and oil company geoscientists come every year from all over the world to learn basic principles of sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy.

Hot Spot Europe

Towards a World Record

Innovative drilling technology now makes it possible to drill into satellite fields that are located several kilometres away from the original field.

Country Profile Middle East

Encouraging Exploration

In the barren landscape of the Syrian desert you may find an occasional drilling rig exploring for hydrocarbons. In the years to come several more rigs are expected to enter, as the Syrian authorities are now actively encouraging international oil companies to acquire acreage and drill for oil and gas. The next frontier, however, is the offshore, where no wells have yet been sunk.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Quantum leap for seismic

The introduction of Q-Marine* technology a few years ago has given WesternGeco a competitive edge, the company claims. In the Oslo Technology Centre they are proud of having been crucial in the development of seismic technology that, beyond any doubt, has given some oil companies value for money.

Exploration Africa

Changing Exploration Focus Paved Way for Success

After only a few small discoveries in what appeared to be favourable geological conditions, a major study of the petroleum system of the huge, immature basin was conducted. The subsequent well hit oil in Lower Tertiary sandstones, and the discovery was later proven to be a giant (>500 million bbls of recoverable oil) within the prolific Central African Rift.

Global Resource Management Europe

Time to redevelop an abandoned European oilfield?

Souring oil prices have inspired NAM to consider redeveloping one of Europe’s largest oil fields. A 3D high resolution seismic survey will lower the structural uncertainties and horizontal drilling, in combination with new recovery procedures, means that the abandoned Schoonebeek Field could yield a further 100 million barrels of oil.