Vol. 3, No. 6


Seismic Foldouts North America

Offshore West-Greenland

Despite previous disappointments, geologists can now demonstrate the probable presence of prolific source rocks, good reservoir rocks and huge structures in an area that is now open for licensing.

Editorials Worldwide

Multiclient Seismic Data

While hydrocarbon resources are said to be scarce nowadays, it is comforting to know that there are still many unexplored geological provinces around the world. In fact, it is sometimes necessary to point out that frontier exploration acreage does still exist.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Market Update

Driving home the repeatability, CGG wins SEG Award, Finding Oil without a Drilling Rig, New Portable Log Scanner, Traces of Gas, The Sub-Salt Imaging Challenge, Meeting Challenges Head On

GEO Profile Worldwide

Striving For Excellence

After an impressive career in research institutes in the USA, Canada and France, Dr. John Ludden has now taken on the challenging role of Executive Director of the British Geological Survey. We talk to him about his career and his hopes and plans for the institution.

Q&A Europe

Still Plenty to Play For

In his role as President of PESGB, Chris Flavell is a co-organiser of PETEX 2006, the Society’s biannual Conference and Exhibition, in November. We talk to him about the role of the PESGB in the UK oil industry.

GEO Science Explained Europe

Microscopic Fossils Help Steer the Drillbit

Biosteering – guiding the drillbit using microscopic fossils – has proved to be a useful technique when drilling in complex reservoirs. Examples from the Norwegian Sea demonstrate how the biostratigrapher needs to work in close cooperation with both the technician preparing the samples and the well site geologist.

Reservoir Management Europe

Demonstrating Capability

Major improvements have been made over the last two decades in measuring drilling parameters (MWD) and logging formation characteristics (LWD) whilst drilling. During the logging of two North Sea fields, the advantages and quality of real time data in horizontal wells have been fully demonstrated.

Exploration North America

New Life for Overthrust Belt

The 2003 discovery of the Covenant oil field could open up a billion-barrel oil province in an area nearly 200 km from the nearest significant production. Prior to the discovery, this geologic complex area had been explored and drilled for over 50 years without a find.

Exploration Europe

Twilight years for the North Sea?

After a period of decline, exploration for hydrocarbons in British waters is experiencing a new lease of life. This is due in part to high oil prices, but is also in response to UK government initiatives aimed at arresting activity decline curves.

GEO Tourism Europe

The Jurassic Coast

A few days of holiday can be well spent by walking leisurely through an almost complete Mesozoic succession along the south coast of england. Outcrops of colourful shales, sandstones and carbonates can be studied without the need for detailed prior knowledge. The rest of the family will also enjoy abundant fossils, beautiful beaches, lagoons and numerous bays, as well as small, picturesque towns next to the cliffs.