Vol. 4, No. 1


Exploration North America

Significant Gas Potential in an Underexplored Basin

The Bristol Bay is a frontier basin with very limited seismic and well data available to the public. Preliminary analyses of the limited subsurface data coupled with surface outcrop data indicate the existence of a tertiary petroleum system and possibility of an underlying Mesozoic petroleum system. The basin is considered as primarily a gasprone province.

Editorials Worldwide

A Huge Challenge

ExxonMobil has looked into a crystal ball. A major study has just been released in which we can experience an insight to our future use of energy, including fossil fuels as well as renewables (see story page 60). We take it for granted that their predictions are based on solid knowledge and therefore should be trusted as a guideline.

Exploration Worldwide

ExPro Update

<strong>"A Fleet for the Future"</strong> With three “new generation” 3D vessels and one 2D high-end vessel coming this year, all with big sources and long streamers capable of imaging deep targets, SCAN Geophysical is about to establish themselves as a serious player in a very competitive market.   <strong>Better exploration Decisions</strong> The software assists you in decision-making based on your own geological and economic data through a systematic and scientific approach using probabilistic methods.

GEO Profile Worldwide

Dr. Thomas A. Smith

“We never inspired to create a dominate PC-based software and never dreamed it would get this big.” Dr. Thomas A. Smith founded a company that has a profound influence on the way the oil and gas industry uses geophysical, geological, and reservoir data.

Q&A Europe

A North Sea Giant

Tim Dodson is exploration manager for Statoil in on the Norwegian Contintental shelf. We talk to him about the company’s assets offshore Norway and the rest of the world.

Exploration Asia

A Sleeping Giant Awakes

Kazakhstan has spent most of its history away from the gaze of the West. But this vast and remote country, the size of Western europe, is now about to step into the spotlight. With its huge hydrocarbon resources – and a dynamic and forward looking leadership – Kazakhstan is set to become a dominant player in the supply of oil and gas to world markets.

GEO Science Explained North America

Imaging Deep into the Gulf of Mexico

Recent deep gas and deep-water discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico are pushing exploration technology to the limit. In many ways, the future success will depend on the ability of the geophysical industry to address the technical challenges offered by deeper and more obscured geologic targets.

Exploration North America

Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

With 12 recently announced deep-water discoveries and an aggressive leasing schedule for the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico, exploration and production technology is being pushed to its limits.