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How to Find More Oil

Reserve growth, the increase in successive estimates of recoverable hydrocarbons in existing fields, adds more oil to conventional reserves than new field discoveries. Large fields in mature petroleum provinces, it turns out, generally have the largest relative gains. Reserve growth appears to be the most important source for additional reserves in the United States, as explained in the article <a href="" target="_blank">The Reality of Reserve Growth</a> written by Dr Mahendra K. Verma of the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Rafting the Grand Canyon

This is the ultimate experience for a keen geologist: Seven days of rafting through 300 million years of flat-lying sedimentary rocks of the Palaeozoic era and an intriguing record of Precambrian sedimentary and crystalline rocks. I doubt if there is a better way to get introduced to all kinds of rocks (sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic) and geological processes. This is in particular true if you have a knowledgeable guide who lets you experience the pure joy of being in this nature’s wonder. If you ever get the chance, don’t miss it!

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Providing Real Time Solutions

Logging While Drilling (LWD) is increasingly gaining popularity, with customers starting to look at drilling and evaluation services with a value-based, rather than a pure cost-based approach. GEo ExPro talked to Trond Graven in Baker Hughes INTEQ in Stavanger, Norway, about the status and future of LWD.

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Listening with Light!

Optical sensing technology, originally developed for cold-war anti-submarine warfare, is promising to be a reliable and cost-effective method of monitoring and improving reservoir performance.

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Cable-free Freedom

Cable-free hardware is not new but there is something new in cable-free! Ascend Geo have shown that cable-free technology can revolutionise land seismic acquisition.

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Borehole Images: Present and Future Applications

High-resolution, while-drilling electrical imaging provides a 360 degree map of the borehole wall in its most pristine state, before significant mud invasion and bore- hole degradation. This real-time information provides an instant look at the geology, essential to reservoir navigation and, for the first time, offers the definition needed for live geomechanical modeling.

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The Reality of Reserve Growth

Between 1995 and 2003, reserve growth from existing fields worldwide added three times more oil to conventional reserves than new field discoveries. Estimation of future reserve growth will be a critical factor for energy resource analysis.

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Oil and Gas Resources of Northeast Greenland

The new assessment carried out by USGS indicates that northeastern Greenland may be a very important future petroleum province. If the mean estimate of 31 BBoE were discovered and proven, this huge basin would rank 19th out of the world’s 500 known petroleum provinces.