Vol. 4, No. 6


Editorials Worldwide

Peak Oil Abandoned?

“If governments around the world stick with existing policies – the underlying premise of the World Energy Outlook Reference Scenario – the world’s energy needs would be well over 50% higher in 2030 than today,” according to the World Energy Outlook (WOE), published recently by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Industry Issues Worldwide

The International Year of Planet Earth

The International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) aims to capture people’s imagination with the exciting knowledge we possess about our planet, and to see that knowledge used more effectively to make the Earth a safer, healthier, and wealthier place for our children and grandchildren. That could be achieved by building on the knowledge accumulated by the world’s approximately 400,000 Earth scientists and is expressed by the IYPE subtitle: ‘Earth Science for Society’.

GEO Profile North America

New Director - New Direction?

In September, 2006, Dr. Mark Myers was appointed the Director of the United States Geological Survey. Will oil prices approaching 100 dollars per barrel and his strong background in petroleum geology mean a new direction for the Survey?

Q&A Worldwide

Seismic boom-time

WesternGeco, along with a whole range of other seismic companies, is taking advantage of a dynamic marketplace. We have talked to Dalton Boutte, president of WesternGeco, about current and future trends in the geophysical industry.

GEO Science Explained North America

Deep Structure: Strength through integration in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Exploration interest in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico is at an all time high following the discovery, in 2001, of thick Paleogene submarine turbidite sands in the Baha #2 well. This ‘Wilcox’ sand play has now expanded across most of the deepwater and is the main reservoir target. These reservoir targets are typically 3 and 4 way structural closures, obscured by a thick allochthonous salt canopy and cored by deep allochthonous salt.