Vol. 5, No. 2


GEO Profile Asia

Innovative Explorer and Leader

From humble beginnings in inner Mongolia to President of the exploration Company of SINOPEC, Dr. Yongsheng Ma uses his geological expertise and achievements to build a winning team of geoscientists and find huge oil and gas fields.

GEO Tourism Worldwide

The Mid-Atlantic Evergreen Volcanoes

Island jumping in the Azores is highly recommended. In this way you can experience the geological wonders of these islands, which all owe their existence to the plate tectonics within a triple junction setting.

Exploration Worldwide

Global Exploration Update

GEO ExPro, together with IHS, presents some of the most significant discoveries made throughout the world in recent months.

Q&A Worldwide

Addressing Shortages-Building Careers

To address the current shortage of educated and trained geologists, geophysicists and engineers, AAPG President and independent geologist, Willard Green sees the need to get students interested in the sciences at a young age and foster programs throughout the education experience.

Exploration Worldwide

CSEM Continues to Stride Forward

For the last few years, the most talked about technology in the hydrocarbon exploration industry has undoubtedly been Controlled Source Electromagnetic imaging, but what does the future hold for this important development?

GEO Science Explained North America

Visualizing Thin Sands by Advanced Seismic Interpretation

Conventional amplitude seismic interpretation may not delineate thin sands. However, through the use of horizon attributes, various seismic attributes, and the spectral decomposition of the seismic volume, it is possible to visualize what may be the valley fill complexes of a reservoir in Colorado.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Seismic Imaging Technology Part I: Acquisition

Seismic imaging is considered key to reduce risk and cost in exploratory as well as development drilling. Although we have recently seen important advances, the authors claim that a step change is required to significantly improve the industry’s ability to obtain accurate seismic images of oil and gas reservoirs within geologically complex settings.