Vol. 5, No. 4

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5 Editorial

6 ExPro Update

14 “A Minute to Read”

68 Recent advances in technology

72 ExPro Profile

76 History of Oil

82 Geotourism: Marvelous Vistas

90 Global Exploration Update

92 Q(uestions) and A(nswers)

94 Hot Spot: Brazil

96 Global Resource Management


20 Angola: Seeking Operatorship

30 Facing the Challenge

32 Mali – a country on the brink

40 Building a Successful Portfolio

42 Oil in Nigeria – Curse of Blessing

50 How much oil?


56 A revolution in Resolution

58 Improving Wellbore Stability

62 The Dawning of to Continents


GEO Cities South America

GEO Tourism: Marvelous Vistas

Gateway to huge offshore oil reserves, Rio de Janeiro and southeast Brazil offers stunning scenery and geologic evidence of ancient mountains and the forces that spawned two continents.

Editorials Worldwide

“The Great Global Biofuel Swindle”

It's too bad. But it's happening. Partly because of a massive marketing campaign instigated by a multitude of environmental organisations (the "green mafia"), endorsed by several governmental bodies around the world, biofuels are taking an ever larger share of the huge energy market.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Seismic Imaging Technology Part III

Ocean bottom seismic (OBS) produces superior seismic images compared to those from conventional 3D streamer seismic. OBS acquisition offers the prospect of full illumination and high multiplicity of signals from the same subsurface points (high data fold).

GEO Profile Worldwide

The Oil Detectives

By assembling an experienced staff and coordinating affiliates, in just four years, Marcio Mello has built a service company that has no boundaries. Along with his Vice-President, Nilo Azambuja, they are ready to tackle some of the industry's toughest problems in the search for new oil and gas deposits.

GEO History North America

Pioneering Production from the Deep Sea

The first offshore well was drilled in shallow water in 1968. For the next 30 years, Petrobras has been challenging ocean depths with the innovation and technology that has brought the oil and gas industry into the ultra-deepwater era.

Q&A Worldwide

SPE Encourages Global Membership

Dr. Leo Roodhart, the 2009 President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), hopes to enthuse a younger generation of oil industry experts by encouraging membership and active participation in the society throughout the world.

Hot Spot Africa

A Significant Discovery

Interest in the West African country has increased with the success of a recent appraisal well. It suggests that the Jubilee field may contain over one billion barrels of oil.

Exploration Africa

Seeking Operatorship in Angola

StatoilHydro has grown into a major player in Angola. With more than 200,000 barrels of oil produced every single day, and having assisted Sonangol to become an operator, the time is now right to take the next step. With strong support from the head office back in Norway, StatoilHydro is ready to take on operatorship in Angola.

Reservoir Management South America

Facing the Challenge

Complex and unconventional reservoirs provide important reserves to the world's energy supply however, they are often challenging to produce. Systematic petrographic studies take a close look at these reservoirs yielding improved characterization and quality prediction; a crucial breakthrough that will guide future exploration and production

Country Profile Africa

Mali: A Country on the Cusp?

Mali is the largest country in West Africa and yet is one of the least known to the hydrocarbon industry, with a total of only five exploration wells. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world. With interest increasing in neighbouring Mauretania and Algeria, is Mali about to move into the hydrocarbon limelight?

GEO Science Explained South America

A New Exploration Frontier

The sub-salt discoveries recently reported in the Santos basin, offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil could be the largest in over 30 years and has captured the world's attention.