Vol. 5, No. 6


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Time for Change

The unthinkable has happened. While many renowned experts recently claimed that the price for a barrel of oil would soon pass USD 200, we have now seen the price drop below USD 50/bbl (as of November 21). (Article published 2008)

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Advanced Remote Sensing

Radio waves from satellites can now be used to measure miniscule movements at the Earth's surface at a millimetre level. The method has gained wide acceptance for several scientific purposes, but also has definite potential for use in reservoir management.

GEO Tourism North America

Early Booms in the Alberta Foothills

With a commanding view of the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains, a close up look at the southern foothills of Alberta reveals a history rich in oil production, mining, ranching, and aboriginal traditions.

Hot Spot Europe

Still High Interest for Norwegian Acreage

Altogether 93 applications were received when the APA and 20th licensing rounds were closed in October and November respectively, proving that there is still a strong interest in exploring for oil and gas both in mature and frontier areas offshore Norway.

Q&A Europe

An All Time High

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Norway has recently received 93 applications for acreage on the Norwegian continental shelf. We have talked to Sissel Eriksen of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate about the future exploration offshore Norway.

Reservoir Management North America

The Marcellus Shale

The gas potential of the Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian Basin has made it an attractive investment opportunity. Horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing have boosted production rates and recoverable reserves in these low permeability rocks.

Global Resource Management Worldwide

The Heavy Oil Conundrum

Heavy oil offers a possible solution to our need for a constant supply of new and secure energy supplies, but its production is characterized by low recovery, so the industry faces the conundrum of how to convert these giant resources into easily produced supplies.

GEO Profile North America

Educating with Purpose

After using cutting edge geologic concepts to find a major oil field in southwest Wyoming, Dr. Robert Weimer has spent the last 51 years at Colorado School of Mines educating others in the use of applied science.