Vol. 6, No. 1


GEO Profile Worldwide

Ken Glennie - A Petroleum Pioneer

Professor Ken Glennie has spent a lifetime at the forefront of the oil industry. His achievements range from producing some of the first maps of turbidites in the field, to being contributor and editor of the seminal work on the North Sea. He talks to GeoExpro about his exciting, productive and very full career.

Editorials Worldwide

Yes We Can

GEO ExPro has now, thanks to an overwhelming response from readers and advertisers, been published for five years. We started in 2004, and since then we have (including this edition) produced 25 magazines with feature articles, interviews and news from all over the world.

GEO History Africa

Half a Century of Oil in Libya

2008 marked the 50th anniversary of the very first commercial oil discovery in the Sirt Basin, Libya, in 1958. In the years since then, 22 giant and more than 25 large fields have been discovered, making the basin one of the world's premier petroleum provinces.

Q&A Worldwide

Conference Provides Truly Global Perspective

Dr. Bernie Vining, Regional Director for consultants Gaffney, Cline & Associates, is Chairman of the Technical Committee for the 7th Petroleum Geology Conference. He talked to GeoExPro about the Conference and the issues to be discussed

Hot Spot Europe

Iceland: First Licensing Round

Iceland has announced their very first oil and gas licensing round. Some 40,000 square kilometres are offered on the Jan Mayen Ridge that lies between Norway and Iceland.

Exploration Asia

Deepwater Frontier Exploration

Offshore Indonesia, TGS has recently come up with innovative ways of combining data from a number of sources to examine the prospectivity of underexplored deepwater frontier basins in a cost-effective manner.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Technology: Changing exploration - using non-seismic technology

The main purpose of applying EM data is to improve exploration decision making. "As a geoscientist working in an oil company which values integration, we try to maximise the use of data that add to our decision-making process and improve the chances of finding oil and gas," says Jonny Hesthammer, Vice President Technology with Rocksource, a Norwegian oil company that proactively uses CSEM (controlled-source electromagnetic data) in their exploration efforts in the North Sea and elsewhere.

GEO Tourism North America

The Smell of Crude Oil

Very few places on Earth combine stupendous scenery, recreation, and oil production. But in the central Colorado Plateau of southeast Utah, the San Juan River has carved two deep canyons that provide river runners with an unparalleled, three dimensional view of the Paradox Formation.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

The Growing Role of Geophysics

The use of geophysical methods in petroleum exploration continues to expand and is an integral discipline in the discovery and production of oil and gas deposits.

Exploration The Arctic

Striving to Define an Oil Province

The future of the Norwegian Barents Sea, following almost 30 years of exploration, is still in the making. A new look at the petroleum systems in combination with high quality seismic data may reveal the hidden secrets of this huge geological province that has already proven an exceptionally high technical success rate.