Vol. 6, No. 3


Exploration North America

Illuminating Basin-Scale Architecture

The Canadian portion of the Beaufort Sea has been the site of intense interest and bidding in recent licensing rounds. Regional reconnaissance 2D seismic programs designed to image down to the base of the Earth's crust are redefining frontier basin evaluation.

GEO Tourism North America

From Dinosaur Tracks to Oil

Just 25 km west of Denver, the Dakota Hogback at Dinosaur Ridge offers an opportunity to explore striking rock exposures and vistas, ancient dinosaur tracks, and oil seeps at the edge of a major oil and gas producing basin.

Editorials North America

The First Wildcat - A True Adventure

The modern oil industry is this year celebrating its 150th anniversary. The actual birthday is August 27. In the late afternoon of that Saturday in 1859, the drillbit hit a thin layer of sandstone that was saturated with oil.

GEO History North America

The Birth of the Modern Oil Industry

The most important oil well ever drilled was sunk in the middle of the wooded landscape of northwest Pennsylvania in August 1859. It is known as the Drake Well, after "Colonel" Edwin L. Drake, the man responsible for the well - who had no knowledge whatsoever of either geology or drilling.

Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Reservoir Monitoring Technology

Permanent seismic monitoring is an emerging market with significant potential. Who are the major players and what has been done to validate the Optowave technology? This article has been designed to get you up to speed with this important development.

GEO Profile North America

Reaching Out

Recognized as an expert in Gulf of Mexico deep-water seismic stratigraphy, Dr. Paul Weimer is now bringing geology to young students "in the way they learn--through animation."

Q&A Europe

Is There a Future for the North Sea?

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the future of the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. Here Jim Hannon, director of oil and gas intelligence consultancy, Hannon Westwood and a world renowned expert on the topic, gives us his view.

Giant Fields North America

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico Basin has proved to be a highly successful hydrocarbon province, and the vast untapped volume of both oil and gas ensures that the basin will continue as a major player for decades to come.

Country Profile Middle East

Iraq: Resource Base

As Iraq's political and security situation gradually becomes more stable and safer, the country's rich oil and gas resources will increasingly draw the attention of international oil companies. This article evaluates the geological inventory of Iraq's oil and gas fields, linking the progress and problems of the past to the prospects of the future.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

The Next Generation Subsurface Modelling

Modelling reservoirs using a 3D grid is a common tool for both the geologist and the reservoir engineer. As models increase in structural and stratigraphic complexity the process of creating these grids has become cumbersome. In many cases the results are not satisfactory to either the geologist or the engineer.

GEO Science Explained Europe

Providing In-depth Knowledge

Making depth conversions more reliable has become an obsession for a dedicated geophysicist. As a result the Norwegian consultancy Aker Geo now claims to have the very best tool to convert from time domain to depth domain.