Vol. 6, No. 6


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Rich Petroleum Source Rocks

An inventory of petroleum source rocks in the World’s major sedimentary basins show that six geological intervals in Earth's history generated over 90% of the World's conventional oil and gas discoveries.

Hot Spot North America

Billions of Barrels

Discovered in 2000 at the Elm Coulee Field in Montana, Williston Basin’s Bakken Formation is currently the hottest onshore oil play in the U. S. and Canada.

Q&A North America

On AAPG, Oil, and Geoscience

Although geologists working in the industry have access to tremendous subsurface data, relatively few of the data become public domain, says Dr. John Lorenz, President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

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Where does it all come from?

The existence of a source rock is a prerequisite for finding oil and gas. Without a source, the prospect, the play or the basin is bound to be “dry”. An understanding of both source rock distribution and maturation history is therefore key objectives for petroleum explorationists.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Linking seismic response to geomechanics

This article discusses the linkage between 4D seismic responses and geomechanics. Exploitation of this relationship has helped reduce development costs and maximize recovery from the compacting Valhall reservoir.

GEO Tourism Europe

Rotunda Geology Museum

Inspiring and educating future geoscientists is vital to ensure that innovation in Earth science can continue. The Rotunda Museum in Scarborough in the UK, as well as being the world's first purpose-built geology museum, emphasizes geoscience learning with interactive exhibits and 'hands-on' events.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

Deep-Reading Technologies

Deep-reading technologies image the interwell space at higher resolution and provide a new scale of characterization that was previously not possible.

Seismic Foldouts Africa

Hunting the Pre-Salt

There is now growing industry excitement in anticipation of the forthcoming Gabonese Licensing Round. The Round is increasingly being hailed as one of the best opportunities in many years to participate in a prospective, but as yet underexplored region.

GEO Profile Europe

A Change of Viewpoint

Christian Höcker spent over twenty years with European super giant Shell, where he witnessed many changes, before moving to a completely different working environment in small start-up company JOA Oil and Gas.