Vol. 7, No. 1

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5 Editorial

6 ExPro Update

12 Market Update

16 A Minute to Read

42 History of Oil: Exploration in Alaska

46 ExPro Profile: Jim Thompson, Fairfield

62 Recent Advances in Technology: Marine Seismic Sources V

66 GeoTourism: The Deccan Traps

72 Geomedia

74 Exploration Update

76 Q&A

78 Hot Spot: Barmer Basin, NW India

80 Global Resource Management


20 Cover Story: The Next Global Frontier

24 Alternative Technology: Mining Heat

30 Frontier Exploration: Bay of Bengal - Many Possibilities and Challenges Ahead

36 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: NE Greenland Continental Margin

48 Technology: Grabbing a Larger Share of the Market

52 Exploration: Buried Treasure in Jamaica

58 Unconventional Resources: Is the ‘Shale Gale’ blowing Itself Out?


GEO Tourism Africa

The Cape Peninsula

Spectacular, extraordinary, awe-inspiring: Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula in South Africa are more than just a list of superlatives, with much of interest to offer the visiting geologist.

Editorials Middle East

Iraq’s overwhelming problems

Roughly 60 percent of the world’s oil reserves and 41 percent of the world’s gas reserves belong to Middle Eastern countries. Some of that - actually, quite a bit - rests in the Iraqi subsurface.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Marine Seismic Sources Part I

This series on marine seismic sources will summarize salient points for geoscientists who need to sharpen their rusty skills in seismic source technology. It will also discuss the effect seismic sources have on marine life.

GEO History Middle East

The Qatar Oil Discoveries

In January 1940 (now 70 years ago), with the discovery of the onshore Dukhan oil field, Qatar joined the Middle East’s oil club. In 1960 (50 years ago), Qatar’s first offshore field was discovered. Today, this country, smaller than the state of Connecticut, possesses the world’s third largest gas reserves, and about 25 billion barrels of oil.

Q&A Worldwide

Possible Oversupply

Peak oil will happen, eventually, but possibly not before the 2030s. In the meantime, we may be faced with oversupply, partly driven by increased production in Iraq.

Hot Spot Middle East

Paleozoic Tight Gas Plays in Jordan

Compared to the other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan does not have a significant position in terms of conventional oil and gas resources. According toOil & Gas Journal (21 December 2009), the kingdom’s known oil reserves are only one million barrels and that of natural gas is 213 billion cubic feet.