Vol. 7, No. 4

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5 Editorial

6 ExPro Update

18 Energy statistics

20 A minute to read

46 GeoTourism: Western NewFoundland

68 Recent Advances in Technology: Seismic sources

74 History of oil: Western Canada

80 Exploration Update

84 Q&A

86 Hot Spot: Eagle Shale

88 Global Resource Management


24 Giant fields: Ghawar

32 Country Focus: Senegal

40 Depth imaging: Seeing the Invisible

52 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Carnarvon Basin, Australia

58 The Application of Microseismics in the Oil and Gas Industry

64 Beyond Tadpoles, Beyond SCAT


Country Profile Africa

Senegal Revisited.

In 2010 we reported that after over 50 years of exploration, Senegal had only delivered a number of small fields and produced 11 Bcf of gas, but was still waiting for the big discovery which would help fuel the country’s growing economy. We asked the question - does the prize lie in the deepwaters? In 'Senegal Revisited' we look again at this exciting country, at a time when answers to some of those questions may be about to be made.

Hot Spot North America

Eagle Ford Shale

What started as a major shale gas play, the Eagle Ford Shale could be the sixth largest U.S. oilfield ever discovered and the largest in forty years.

Country Profile Africa

Contry Profile: Senegal

After over 50 years of exploration, Senegal has found a number of small fields and produced 11 Bcf of gas, but is still waiting for the big discovery which will help fuel the country’s growing economy. Does it lie in the deep waters of the Atlantic?

Editorials Worldwide

Lessons to be Learnt

So, the Macondo well has finally stopped leaking and should be permanently sealed by the end of September, nearly five months since it first suffered a major blow-out. This has been confirmed as the world’s worst ever oil spill, with nearly five million barrels of oil having poured into waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Thousands of birds and sea life have been killed or badly injured and the economy of the adjacent coast, very dependent on the Gulf, has taken a serious knocking.

GEO Media Europe

Southern Permian Basin Atlas Unveiled

More than five years in the making, the recently published Southern Permian Basin Atlas is an excellent example of international co-operation and promises to prove of invaluable help to companies exploring for hydrocarbons in Europe.

Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Marine Seismic Sources Part III

How do you get a feeling for the difference between decibels in air and in the sea? What is the loudest bang reported? What is the loudest animal in the sea? What is the similarity between a seismic water gun and the pistol shrimp? Read on4

Technology Explained Worldwide

Depth Imaging – Seeing the Invisible

An analogy with bat technology makes it easier to understand seismic imaging of the subsurface. However, a bat’s sounds transverse a homogenous medium, while seismic waves in the earth are propagated through a highly complex elastic medium, creating a much more complicated problem for seismic depth imaging technology.

Exploration Australasia

Carnarvon Basin

Continuing Exploration Success with Eendracht 3D. Multiple exploration companies united to prefund Fugro’s largest non-exclusive 3D seismic survey in the Carnarvon Basin. The Cretaceous Barrow Group highs and Triassic Mungaroo tilted fault blocks identified in the Fast Track Cube have been the highlight of initial investigations into the dataset.

Giant Fields Middle East

The King of Giant Fields

Since the petroleum industry began in the mid-nineteenth century, numerous oil fields have been discovered and over 70,000 oil fields are still in use. Nonetheless, not all fields were created equally.