Vol. 7, No. 5


GEO Profile Europe

Working at the Interface Between Academia and Industry

“If anyone had suggested that as a geophysically-minded geologist I would end up working in close collaboration with the Professor of Classics at Cambridge University, I would have thought they had taken leave of their senses,” says John Underhill. “But that’s what happened!”

Exploration Europe

The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten-Vesterålen region is one of the last unexplored provinces of the Norwegian Sea. It could hold 1.3 Bboe, but is a very environmentally sensitive area.

GEO History Worldwide

The Road to OPEC 1960

Holding 77% of world's proven oil reserves and delivering 41% of production, OPEC has a powerful place in our world. Here we review how OPEC began and rose to its current position.

Editorials Europe

Life in the Old Dog Yet!

Even a seriously mature province like the North Sea can bring surprises. The Catcher discovery, made in June this year, is proof that impressive new hydrocarbon accumulations can still be found there, 45 years after the first discovery was made.

Exploration Asia

Andaman Basin

India’s Andaman Sea Basin is still considered frontier with respect to hydrocarbon exploration. Recent 2D seismic reprocessing has highlighted the potential of this area and has identified likely source, reservoir and seal intervals

GEO Tourism Europe

GeoTourism: Gotland

Blue sky, turquoise sea, white coral beaches, a warm pleasant breeze; who could ask for more? The Caribbean is, however, oceans away. You are on Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea.

Q&A Europe

Significant Conference

Every two years the Petroleum Society of Great Britain organises PETEX, a major conference and exhibition in London concentrating on developments in North-West Europe.

Seismic Foldouts Europe

Two Frontier Basins Come to Light

Off the western Irish coast, new regional 2D seismic data is providing key information on the petroleum potential of a large and underexplored area.

Industry Issues Worldwide

Replenishing our Petroleum Workforce

With the impending departure of “Baby Boomers" from the upstream oil and gas industry, there is a recognised need to replenish this workforce in order to sustain a viable exploration and production business.