Vol. 8, No. 2

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5 Editorial

6 ExPro Update

14 Market Update

16 A Minute to Read

44 GEO ExPro Profile: Eldad Weiss

52 History of Oil: The Start of Something Big

64 Recent Advances in Technology: Fish are Big Talkers!

74 GeoTourism: The Earth’s Oldest Fossils

78 GeoCities: Denver, USA

80 Exploration Update

82 Q&A: Peter Duncan

84 Hot Spot: Australian Shale Gas

86 Global Resource Management


20 Cover Story: The Submerged Continent of New New Zealand

26 The Standard Oil Story: Part 1 Ida Tarbell, Pioneering Journalist

30 Newfoundland: The Other North Atlantic

36 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Gulf of Mexico: The Complete Regional Perspective

42 Geoscientists Without Borders: Making a Humanitarian Difference

48 Indonesia: The Eastern Frontier

58 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Exploration Opportunities in the Bonaparte Basin

68 Are Onshore Exploration Technologies Lagging Behind?


Exploration Asia

Indonesia: The Eastern Frontier

New light has been shed on the petroleum potential of the Northern Arafura Shelf area in Eastern Indonesia.

GEO History North America

Start of Something Big

An oil discovery in the Moose Range wilderness on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula would bring a momentous change to the territory and have oil exploration implications far to the north.

GEO Profile Worldwide

Charting a New Course in Seismic Imaging

With his training in electrical engineering as a foundation, Eldad Weiss, Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm, has taken a methodical, logical approach to growing his business from a niche provider of graphical imaging software to a global provider of exploration and production (E&P) data management solutions.

GEO Tourism Australasia

The Earth’s Oldest Fossils

On a splendid white beach in Shark Bay, Western Australia, I finally found the worlds oldest fossils. They are commonly referred to as living rock, and they have ruled the earth for approximately 3.5 billion years, and continue to live today. No other form of life has survived so long.