Vol. 8, No. 3

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5 Editorial

6 ExPro Update

12 Market Update

14 A Minute to Read

30 GEO ExPro Profile: Farouk Al-Kasim

42 Recent Advances in Technology: Fish Hear a Great Deal

52 History of Oil: The Abu Dhabi Story

72 GeoTourism: Walking Through Time

86 Exploration Update

88 Geo Cities: Rio de Janeiro

90 Q&A: The Barrel Awards

92 Hot Spot: Russia/Norway Barents Sea

94 Global Resource Management


18 Cover Story: Technology: Illuminating Resolution

26 Technology: The Best Place to Find Oil

36 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: South-western Barents Sea: Improved Imaging with Long-Offset Data

48 Exploration: Georgia: Oil in the Sub Thrust Zone

58 SEISMIC FOLDOUT: Italian Adriatic Sea: Filling in the Gaps

64 Exploration: A Growing Atlantic Play

68 Reservoir Modelling: Leveraging Complex Geologies

78 Exploration: Syria Offshore: Exciting New Frontier

82 The Standard Oil Story, Part 2: Franklin D. Rockefeller, the First Oil Tycoon


Reservoir Management Worldwide

Leveraging Complex Geologies

The ability of reservoir models to leverage seismic and accommodate complex geologies ensures robust and reliable models, improved decision-making, more justifiable investments, and improved field performance.

GEO Profile Europe

Squeezing the Last Drop

Farouk al-Kasim, an Iraqi with ten years experience in one for the world’s most prolific oil provinces, went on to serve the Norwegian government for 23 years and was instrumental in establishing the Norwegian Model.

GEO History Middle East

The Abu Dhabi Oil Discoveries

In the 1930s Abu Dhabi was a poor fishing village on the edge of the desert, but the discovery of oil has revolutionised the Emirate. It is thought to possess the sixth largest proven oil reserves in the world and is now extremely rich.

Editorials North America

One Year On

The first anniversary of the Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has been marked in a number of ways. Foremost it has been an opportunity to remember the eleven men who lost their lives. But it has also been a chance to take stock of the progress which has been made in ensuring that no other families will have to endure such tragedy.

GEO Tourism Europe

Walking Through Time: The Geopark Way

The Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark Way is a long distance walking trail that brings to life the fascinating geological story of this beautiful are of rural England

Exploration Middle East

Syrian Offshore: Exciting New Frontier

With the announcement of the 2011 Syrian International Offshore Bid Round, interested oil and gas exploration companies have an exciting opportunity to assess the hydrocarbon potential of this highly prospective region.

Exploration Europe

A Growing Atlantic Play

Recent discoveries in West Africa have highlighted the importance of the Upper Cretaceous throughout the Atlantic Margin. The Barents Sea is the Northern extension of this growing play.

Exploration Europe

Georgia: Oil in the Sub-Thrust Zone

A beautiful country, flanked by mountain ranges and famous for fine wine – but Georgia’s primary contribution to the hydrocarbon industry is as a corridor for oil and gas travelling from the Caspian to European markets. Or so it was thought - until modern seismic techniques and recent exploration revealed oil bearing structures in the sub-thrust zone, only poorly imaged on the older Soviet era data.