Vol. 8, No. 6

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on North and South America and Frontier Exploration

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Update

16 A Minute to Read

20 Cover Story: GEO Tourism: The Wonders of Yellowstone

42 Recent Advances: Effect of Seismic on Crabs

46 GEO Profile: Marlan Downey

50 History of Oil: Early Textbooks of Petroleum Geology

84 GEO Cities: Dubai – From Pirates to Prada

86 Exploration Update

88 GEO Media: The Power That Be

90 Q&A: The Oil Detectives

92 Hot Spot: Colombia Rediscovered

94 Global Resource Management


26 Country Profile: Libya – The Next Chapter

30 Exploration: Persia, Land of Black Gold

36 Seismic Foldout 1 : Western Florida

54 Exploration: Tobago Trough – Brief Biography of a Biogenic Gas Play

58 Seismic foldout 2: South West Barents Sea

64 Exploration: Namibia: Promising Giant New Hydrocarbon Frontier

70 Geophysics: Emphasizing Vibrations

74 Exploration: SE Asia – Where are the Giants Hiding?

78 GEO Conservation: Does Geology Last Forever?

82 Exploration: Transiting the Northern Sea Route


Exploration Europe

An Excellent Reservoir

The Aldous/Avaldsnes prospect has grown into one of the largest discoveries 3in the North Sea ever, largely due to excellent reservoir properties.

Q&A Worldwide

The Oil Detectives

What is an Oil Scout? Is it a ‘cloak and dagger’ operation – or a highly qualified occupation calling for extensive knowledge of the industry and great interpersonal skills? Andrew Melvin of Moyes and Co. sheds some light on the business.

Hot Spot South America

Colombia Rediscovered

Colombia’s regulatory reforms are paying dividends, with dozens of new oil and gas discoveries over the past two years – yet ‘rediscovered’ older fields are carrying the country to new production records.

GEO Tourism North America

The Wonders of Yellowstone

The world’s first national park established a new concept in preservation and protection of special areas for future generations. Now, 140 years later, millions have benefited from the founder’s foresight and can enjoy seeing half of the earth’s geothermal features, jaw dropping scenery, and abundant wildlife in Yellowstone’s nearly intact ecosystem.

Exploration Middle East

Persia Land of Black Gold

Iran holds about a tenth of the world’s proven reserves of oil and 16% of the gas, and is the fifth largest oil exporter. Here we review the country’s oil and gas fields and reservoirs, particularly in the prolific south-west.

GEO History Worldwide

Early Textbooks of Petroleum Geology

Petroleum geology textbooks have been an essential tool for training generations of teachers, researchers, explorers, and managers in the petroleum industry. Here we look at some of the early textbooks in this field as a way of paying tribute to these works and their authors, upon whose shoulders stand the writers, teachers and textbooks of our time.

GEO Profile North America

A Tireless Quest for Buried Treasure

Marlan Downey, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Roxanna Oil Company, has reinvented himself many times over the course of his 50-year career and shows no signs of slowing down. In each new venture, he brings a unique combination of technical expertise in chemistry and geology, a lifelong love of learning and a desire to collaborate with the best and the brightest.

Market Update North America

Paradigm Shift for US Oil Production

The last time that the oil weapon was used was during the oil crisis in 1973. The US no longer had an oil buffer for the West to lean on and was thus unable to defend itself against OPEC’s oil supply cut. Does shale oil mean the US could once again become selfsufficient in oil?

GEO Science Explained Europe

Does Geology Last Forever?

The Earth’s resources have been exploited by humans for many thousands of years, but we need to ensure that the integrity and accessibility of important sites and landscapes in the geological heritage are preserved for future generations. Here, one group of enthusiasts from Northern England look at the issues involved and explain how they are trying to ensure that geological sites in their region will continue to be treasured and enjoyed by all.

Exploration Africa

Mozambique: Successful First Well

Recent discoveries by Anadarko in Mozambique have propelled that country to the fore in the hydrocarbon industry in the last year, and the first well drilled in offshore Area 4 looks set to continue the trend.