Vol. 9, No. 2

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on North America and Unconventional Resources and Technologies

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5 Editorial

6 Market Update

8 Update

16 A Minute to Read

26 Recent Advances in Technology: Marine Seismic Sources XIII

54 GEO Tourism: The Colorado Plateau

80 History of Oil: The Many Lives of Belridge

88 ExPro Profile: Ralph Baird

92 GEO Cities: Salt Lake City

94 Exploration Update

100 Q&A: A Good Career Choice

102 Global Resource Management


20 Cover Story: Unconventional No Longer?

32 Technology: Microseismic Imaging

36 Seismic Foldout: The Nigerian Transform Margin

42 Reservoir Management: Bringing the Lab to the Field

46 Exploration: Is Shale Gas Bringing Independence?

60 Country Profile: Morocco – High Expectations

68 Unconventional Resources: Going Deep for the Heat

70 Industry Issues: Defining Reserves and Resources

74 Seismic foldout: Offshore Florida


Hot Spot North America

Tight Oil Plays

Horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing technologies that have enabled companies to unlock large amounts of gas from shaley source rocks are now targeting similar rocks for oil and gas liquids.

Q&A Worldwide

A Good Career Choice

Dr. Lucy Ramsey is one of the new generation of geoscientists in the oil and gas industry. We ask her about her impressions of the industry so far.

GEO History North America

The Many Lives of Belridge

Nearly declared dead by its owners only eight years after discovery, new technologies introduced over the past century allowed Southern California’s Belridge Field to grow into a prolific oil producer. Now, 101 years since that discovery, innovative insights into its varied reservoirs promise to keep Belridge productive well into the 21st century.

GEO Profile North America

Committed to the Industry

Drawn to challenge, committed to an industry – that’s Ralph W. Baird, 2011 recipient of the Colonel Edwin L. Drake Legendary Oilman Award from the Petroleum History Institute.

Exploration Asia

Malaysia: Two Gas Discoveries

At the tail end of 2011 Petronas, the state oil company of Malaysia, announced the success of an offshore well in moderately deep waters in Block SK316, about 100 km north-west of Miri in the state of Sarawak, which is in the Malaysian part of the island of Borneo.

Exploration Europe

Romania: Black Sea Gas Discovery

While it is far too early to give accurate figures, the first deep water well in the Romanian part of the Black Sea looks to be a major success for operator and 50% shareholder ExxonMobil and its partner, Petrom, a member of the OMV Group.

GEO Science Explained Europe

Going Deep for the Heat

Geothermal energy is becoming an increasingly hot topic. Recent research suggests that even areas outside ‘high-temperature fields’ may be sufficiently warm to generate electricity.

Country Profile Africa

High Expectations Morocco

With landscape varying from the wonderful, snowy High Atlas mountains to the sand dunes of the Sahara, vibrant Morocco is one of Africa’s largest energy consumers, yet it remains remarkably underexplored, particularly along its long Atlantic Margin.

Seismic Foldouts Africa

Exploration Potential of the Nigerian Transform Margin

Recent industry success on the African Equatorial transform margin, including offshore Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone, has focused much attention on the region, of which the Nigeria Transform Margin area is the easternmost extension.

Technology Explained Worldwide

Bringing the Lab to the Field

Bringing advanced laboratory analysis to the field: Weatherford International’s new formation evaluation service brings advanced, laboratory-based testing techniques to the field, enabling faster, more informed reservoir management decisions for unconventional plays.

Market Update North America

Goodbye to the Gas Guzzler!

The price of petrol at the pump in the US is – in fact, in some places has already exceeded – the psychologically important $4/gallon (EIA). Petrol prices have risen by around 14% this year, and this is clearly a headache for President Obama in an election year, as he strives to ensure that the US economy continues to expand.