Vol. 9, No. 3

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on Africa and Reservoir Management

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5 Editorial

6 Update

14 Market Update: Sudan Conflict

16 A Minute to Read

56 GEO Profile: Malcolm Brown

68 Recent Advances in Technology: Gas hydrates I

80 GEO Tourism: The Geology of London

92 GEO Cities: Cairo

94 Exploration Update

96 GEO Media: Mountain Views

98 Hot Spot: Kenya Hits the Jackpot?

100 Q&A

102 Global Resource Management


20 Cover Story: Milestones in Angola’s Oil History

28 Geophysics: Cableless Confusion

32 Reservoir Modelling: ‘Impala MPS’ Leaps Reservoir Modelling Barriers

36 Seismic Foldout: Offshore Côte d’Ivoire

42 Technology: Solving Hydraulic Fracturing ‘Controversies’

48 Exploration: Is There Oil Offshore East Africa?

52 Industry Issues: Energy and the Environment

60 Exploration: Fertilising the Future

64 Reservoir Management: Geological Expression

74 Seismic Foldout: Deep Water Offshore Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados

86 Exploration: What is Tight Gas?


Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide

Gas Hydrates - Part I: Burning Ice

Scientists have known and studied natural gas hydrates for decades. Vast deposits of hydrates have been found, both in the permafrost and the continental shelves of the oceans of the world. Natural gas hydrates also exist in the universe. Hydrates have played an important role during formation of planets, and our atmosphere and hydrosphere. Want to know more? Read on!

GEO Media Worldwide

Rupert Hoare’s Mountain Views

Rupert Hoare was widely known and respected in the E&P industry. What was not so widely known was that he was an extraordinarily accomplished rock climber, mountaineer and ski-mountaineer and a former President of the London Mountaineering Club and the Alpine Ski Club.

GEO Tourism Europe

The Geology of London

With the Olympics upon us it is an appropriate time to reveal the geology of London for our visitors. A brief introduction to the geology is followed by five itineraries that have been selected to give an overview of what can still be seen, despite a population of nearly eight million.

Exploration Europe

Relying on Chalk

Almost all Danish oil and gas comes from the Central Graben. Nevertheless, there is still some interest in other areas, including the onshore.

GEO Science Explained Europe

Fertilising the Future

York Potash, a mining company based in north-east England, have discovered significant quantities of minerals for use as fertiliser, using technologies familiar to the oil and gas business.

GEO Profile Worldwide

Finding Buried Treasure

Geologist Malcolm Brown of BG Group is proud of a career spent in exploration throughout the world, and reflects on why he believes that the oil industry is all about ‘making tomorrow better’.

GEO Science Explained Worldwide

ObliQ Technology Improves Seismic Imaging

In a marine geophysical survey, every attempt is made to maintain the streamer at a constant optimum depth. But there are issues involved in selecting that optimum depth; too shallow, and the record tends to be noisy; too deep, and a ghost notch appears in the useful bandwidth of the seismic signal.

Exploration Middle East

Iraq Investment Set to Increase

The energy sector in Iraq is predicted to see investment of a minimum of US$50 billion over the next five years amidst a gradually improving security situation, according to a newly released comprehensive report.