Vol. 9, No. 5

This edition of GEO ExPro Magazine focuses on North West Europe, the Arctic and Geophysics

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5 Editorial

6 Update

10 Market Update

16 A Minute to Read

30 Recent Advances in Technology: Gas Hydrates III

42 GEO Profile: Clearing Cultural Borders to Reach Common Goals

46 History of Oil: Emma Summers – Oil Queen of California

64 GEO Education: Know Your Faults! NEW COLUMN

70 GEO Tourism: Cycling the Norwegian Strandflat

92 GEO Cities: Lerwick – Small Yet Influential

94 Exploration Update

96 GEO Media: Orogenesis – The Making of Mountains

98 Q&A: North West Europe – Optimism or Pessimism?

100 Hot Spot: Australia – A Significant Milestone

102 Global Resource Management


20 Cover Story: Geophysics – Remote Sensing Underground

26 Technology: Into the Abyss

36 Seismic Foldout: Broadband 3D – Building Blocks For Exploration in a Mature Setting

50 Geophysics: Reading Between the Lines

54 Exploration: Lofoten and Vesterålen: Promised Land or Fata Morgana?

60 Industry Issues: Seismic and the Environment

74 Seismic Foldout: Broadband Data from Conventional Streamer Acquisition

80 Exploration: Uniting the Arctic

86 Country Profile: Montenegro


Exploration The Arctic

Uniting the Arctic

A new generation of Circum-Arctic geological and geophysical digital maps will reveal new data about the hydrocarbon potential of the region.

GEO Tourism Europe

Cycling the Norwegian Strandflat

For the active geotourist, cycling the Nordland coastal route in northern Norway offers an excellent opportunity to get in close contact with a scenic and unique landscape of beautiful mountains, strandflat, beaches, islands and skerries.

Exploration South America

Peru: Repsol Gas Strike

Repsol has made an important gas discovery with its Sagari-1 wildcat in its sub-Andean Block 57 in Peru, establishing gas pay in both the Nia Superior and Nia Inferior formations.

Exploration North America

Mexico: Major Gulf Oil Find

In the final months of his presidential term, Mexican President Felipe Calderon proudly announced that state-owned PEMEX has made its first big crude oil discovery in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Exploration Africa

Kenya: Reality Check

After the excitement of the finds off Mozambique and Tanzania in recent years, the prospectivity of the east African coastline has had a reality check following the outcome of the Mbawa-1 wildcat operated by Apache.

GEO Cities Europe

Lerwick Small Yet Influential

Lerwick, the capital of the beautiful Shetland Islands off north-east Scotland, may be a bit small for the term ‘city’ – but its influence on our ideas on how to exploit our oil resources in harmony with the environment has been considerable.

GEO Education Worldwide

Know Your Faults! Part I

In Part I of this series, we look at the geometric representation and identification of faults. In the final part, we review slip classification, stress orientations and tectonic styles of faults.

Seismic Foldouts Europe

Improved Resolution and Penetration with Broadband 3D

The North Viking Graben is an established hydrocarbon province that after more than 30 years of exploration activity is widely regarded as mature. However, new, high quality data reveals additional potential in the area.

GEO Profile Worldwide

Clearing Cultural Borders to reach Common Goals

Steve Bate has taken diverse career paths to arrive at his current position as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of INOVA Geophysical Equipment Ltd. At each stage, he has cultivated a culture of drawing on the strengths of his people and organisations toward a common cause. This perspective is helping his company achieve its goal of becoming the premier land seismic company in the industry.

GEO History North America

Emma Summers: Oil Queen of California

“A woman with a genius for affairs – it may sound paradoxical, but the fact exists. If Mrs. Emma A. Summers were less than a genius she could not, as she does today, control the Los Angeles oil markets.” – The San Francisco Call, July 21, 1901

Exploration Worldwide

A Minute to Read

Africa: Continent of Discoveries, Application Ranks Top Performers, Chemostrat Open Perth Office, New IOR Centre, Lebanon Multi-Client 3D Survey

Technology Explained South America

Remote Sensing Underground

Satellite remote sensing uses specific frequency bands to reveal details about the surface of the earth. By borrowing this idea and applying it to broadband 3D seismic data, reservoir heterogeneities are illuminated enabling optimal reservoir development. Nexen Inc. are using this technology to shed light on Canadian oil sands reservoirs.

Industry Issues Asia

Preparing for the Global Economy

The donation made through GeoScienceWorld has helped educate Indonesia’s emerging workforce by increasing the breadth of the university’s library holdings and making peer-reviewed research more accessible and easier to use for Trisakti’s 30,000 students.

Market Update Worldwide

Oil Prices Stay High – but spare capacity buffer should build

Oil prices are expected to remain high over the next two years as the market will remain tight by historical standards. Supply additions are expected to outpace demand growth, resulting in slightly softer oil balances in 2013. The market will remain similarly tight in 2014 as supply growth slows and demand accelerates with the global economy. Oil prices will likely remain volatile around high levels given the market tightness and risks to supply.

Editorials Worldwide

Applauding Progress

Great credit must be given to the many people from both academic and organisational backgrounds who have spent many man-years – and millions of dollars – in continuing to develop these systems. It has often required new and innovative ideas, but also a lot of persistence and basic hard slog.