The Arctic

Hot Spot The Arctic

Barents Sea "Nondiscussed" Area

The disputed area between Norway and Russia in the Barents Sea, equalling the Norwegian North Sea in size, has a different petroleum system than the proven oil and gas provinces to the west and east. With pre-Jurassic source rocks, the most obvious targets are in Triassic clastics and Paleozoic carbonates.

Hot Spot The Arctic

Huge volumes left in the ground

The coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is not likely to be exploited for hydrocarbons in the near future. Nevertheless, this geological province is referred to as the "nation’s single greatest onshore prospect for oil".

Exploration The Arctic

More giants to be found

Two fields are currently being developed, significant amounts of oil and gas have already been found, and geological studies indicate that this is a promising exploration frontier, possibly making the Barents Sea a major gas and oil supplier in the future.