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GEO Tourism North America

The Active Volcanoes of Hawai‘i

Breathtaking views, surreal landscapes, and the chance to come face to face with an active volcano, the Island of Hawai‘i offers the geotourist encounters of a lifetime, and scientists a window into a volcano’s inner workings.
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Exploration Australasia

Like Everywhere You’ve Never Been

One of the last intact wildernesses left on earth, Papua New Guinea is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence of interest from the hydrocarbon industry. Is it possible to encourage the advances of modernisation and the oil industry without jeopardising the ecology and culture of this amazing country?
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Staff Picks

Exploration Africa

Exploration in the East African Rift System

Billions of barrels of oil have been discovered in the East African Rifts in recent years, but it remains highly underexplored with only two rifts partially explored so far.
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