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A Simple Guide to Seismic Inversion

Seismic inversion is a complex topic with many different methods. This can make it confusing for the non-specialist to understand the various flavors of seismic inversion and choose the most appropriate tool for a particular interpretation task.
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Exploration Australasia

Like Everywhere You’ve Never Been

One of the last intact wildernesses left on earth, Papua New Guinea is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence of interest from the hydrocarbon industry. Is it possible to encourage the advances of modernisation and the oil industry without jeopardising the ecology and culture of this amazing country?
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Exploration Europe

Russian Fold Belts: The Next Hot Play?

Three successful cycles of petroleum reserve build-up can be recognised in the history of Russian petroleum exploration. Could the fold belts be the basis of the next cycle?
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Exploration Europe

A Fresh Look at the Oil and Gas Potential of Greece

With a working petroleum system in place, proven by the Katakolon discovery and a number of oil shows, seeps and gas leaks, Western Greece is ready to be explored.
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Exploration Worldwide

Insights from Space!

With recent offshore gas discoveries reviving interest in the Eastern Mediterranean region, a variety of methodologies can be used to assess potential, including using data from satellites orbiting the earth. Could these reveal the presence of the elusive deeper oil?
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