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Psychology of Exploration

Setting out to explore for hydrocarbons, Noble Energy’s Susan Cunningham found herself on a journey of self-exploration, which led to a host of discoveries beyond her wildest imagination.
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Reservoir Management Worldwide

Water Matters!

Water occurs virtually everywhere in oil and gas fields – yet it is often ignored. But the composition of today´s formation water is the result of multiple hydrogeochemical processes, and a primary source of valuable information.
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GEO Tourism South America

Southern Chile’s Ring of Fire

Southern Chile is the setting for the dramatic snow-covered volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This stunning volcanic range is the surface expression of the subduction of the Pacific seafloor under the western margin of South America. The southern Chilean Andes offer a fantastic playground for those who want to experience volcanoes - either peacefully or loaded with adrenaline!
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Seismic Foldouts Australasia

Western Australia: North Carnarvon-Roebuck Basins

The 2014 Phoenix South-1 well drilled offshore Western Australia has confirmed at least four discrete oil columns in the Triassic Lower Keraudren Formation. The discovery of exceptionally good quality light oil with a high API gravity and favourable mobility represents one of the most significant developments in the region in recent times. The discovery, made whilst searching for the extension of discovered gas, represents a new oil province for Australia.
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Technology Explained Worldwide

Cognitive Interpretation

Human vision and cognition have evolved over millions of years into an incredibly powerful system that enables us to actively seek the information we need to make sense of and interact with all aspects of the world around us. Despite the complexity and sophistication of the processes involved, vision and cognition are processes that we carry out quickly, continuously and with no conscious effort.
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Collection: GEO Education Worldwide

Structural Geology Collection

Collection of 6 articles

A collection of popular articles written by author Rasoul Sorkhabi, on the main disciplines of structural geology. An invaluable resource for students and anyone wishing to refresh the memory and pick up a few new ideas at the same time.
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