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History of Oil Middle East

Memories of Iraqi Kurdistan

The 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein opened up semi-autonomous Kurdistan, a region which had been explored, but not developed, by the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) between 1946 and 1961.
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The Petrophysicist

A look at the different geoscience careers available in the oil industry. In this inaugural article Jackie Mullinor describes her work as a petrophysicist with AGR in Aberdeen.
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Technology Explained Worldwide

Think Molecular. It Translates into Pay!

Predicting GOR and petroleum phase volumes ahead of drilling is a crucial element of exploration strategy. The organic matter in source rocks is able to tell the story; we simply need to read it.
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Exploration Middle East

How Much Oil in the Middle East?

“No such galaxy of fields of the first magnitude over such a wide area has been developed in the history of the oil industry.” - Everette Lee DeGolyer, Oil in the Near East, 10 May 1940, Texas
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Exploration Europe

A Fresh Look at the Oil and Gas Potential of Greece

With a working petroleum system in place, proven by the Katakolon discovery and a number of oil shows, seeps and gas leaks, Western Greece is ready to be explored.
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GeoTourism Europe

Hornsund: An Arctic Eden

The dramatic landscape with glaciated fjords surrounded by high, alpine mountain tops makes a visit to Hornsund a special experience. Hornsund is in fact an Arctic Eden, not only for a scientist studying the geology, but also for any visitor getting a chance to gaze at the breathtaking scenery in this beautiful fjord at a high latitude.
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