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Seismic Foldouts Africa

Namibia: Frontier Exploration in West Africa

In 2012 and 2013, PGS shot approximately 15,000 line km of broadband seismic data in the deep and shallow waters offshore Namibia, with a view to enhancing geological understanding of the margin and de-risking exploration in this frontier part of West Africa.
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Technology Explained Europe

3D Contrast Property Mapping

One of the major challenges in understanding the nature of the subsurface is to accurately depict geology when data are sparse. By combining well logs and seismic data, seismic inversion can be used to visualize subsurface geostructures in a realistic form.
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GEO Tourism Africa

Spectacular Swartberg

The Swartberg Mountains in the Western Cape province of South Africa are considered to be one of the finest exposed fold mountain chains in the world. Two dramatic passes afford the geologist unparalleled views of Paleozoic quarzitic sandstones folded spectacular fashion.
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Industry Technology for Research

British Antarctic Survey recently purchased two drones to be deployed at its science research station in Antarctica. The aim is to use the drones to make measurements that are not currently possible and to undertake airborne analyses in a more economical way.
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Collection: Recent Advances in Technology Worldwide


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A series of articles exploding the myths around shale oil and gas.
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Market Update Worldwide

Bangladesh Offers New Exploration Arena

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has delineated the maritime border between India and Bangladesh. The peaceful settlement of the border dispute is a positive step in improving relations between the two countries and increasing energy interdependence.
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GEO Tourism Asia

The Kutch Basin of Western India

The fault blocks of the Kutch Basin in western India offer to the visitor a unique opportunity to observe the Jurassic-Cretaceous-Paleogene sediments rarely outcropping anywhere else on the Western Indian continental margin. A visit to Kutch also gives an opportunity to view and enjoy the rich cultural traditions and handicrafts of western India.
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