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GeoCities Africa

Takoradi: Ghana’s Oil City.

Oil has been the catalyst for investment, reviving Takoradi’s fortunes as an export hub for Ghana’s many resources – but benefits to the local economy remain elusive.
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GEO Expro Profiles Worldwide

A Petroleum Pioneer

Professor Ken Glennie's achievements range from producing some of the first maps of turbidites in the field, to being contributor and editor of the seminal work on the North Sea.
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History of Oil Middle East

Memories of Iraqi Kurdistan

The 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein opened up semi-autonomous Kurdistan, a region which had been explored, but not developed, by the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) between 1946 and 1961.
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Uncategorised Worldwide

The Petrophysicist

A look at the different geoscience careers available in the oil industry. In this inaugural article Jackie Mullinor describes her work as a petrophysicist with AGR in Aberdeen.
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Exploration Middle East

How Much Oil in the Middle East?

“No such galaxy of fields of the first magnitude over such a wide area has been developed in the history of the oil industry.” - Everette Lee DeGolyer, Oil in the Near East, 10 May 1940, Texas
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