Exploration Worldwide

Hiding in the Basement

Following a string of exploration successes, Robert Trice of Hurricane Energy believes that, with the correct data, only imagination is needed to unlock the UK’s huge basement resource potential.
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GEO Education Worldwide

Back to Source Rocks: Part II

What makes a sedimentary rock an effective petroleum source rock? A review of the analytical methods used to characterize source rocks for successful petroleum exploration and production.
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GEO Chemistry Worldwide

The Geochemist’s Tool Box

The conjugate petroleum systems of the North Atlantic, finding hydrocarbons and developing the assets - all viewed through the oil-stained spectacles of geochemistry.
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Web Exclusive Worldwide

Where are the Reservoirs?

Modelling geology at the scale of the actual depositional systems allows you to capture the entire system and monitor the processes involved, and thus identify the location of elusive reservoirs and sources.
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