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GEO ExPro Magazine is the upstream oil and gas industry’s favourite magazine.

“The best in the market. The only one I read.” Managing Director, Service Company

GEO ExPro is an interdisciplinary magazine and online publication which explains, clarifies and discusses geoscience and technology in an easy-to-read manner, allowing busy professionals to rapidly catch up on industry developments within the disciplines of Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering. The wide range of abundantly illustrated articles mean that there is something of interest for everybody involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas resources throughout the world; from the Arctic to the Sahara, and from recent technological advances to emerging new frontiers.

The magazine is enjoyed by explorers, managers and decision makers over 60 countries throughout the world. Half of these come from oil and gas operating companies, with the rest working in service companies, research organisations and a wide range of consultancies.

Founded in 2004 by a group of industry professionals dedicated to providing the oil business with a quality magazine which would fill the niche between heavily technical journals and breaking news stories, GEO ExPro has grown rapidly to become the leading geoscience magazine available today. It provides in depth analysis and information in an quick and easy manner to answer the questions of busy professionals.

"Most enjoyable technical journal."
Partner, small service company

"Great magazine!"
Chief Geophysicist, Technology company

"It is a very good magazine. I especially like the Geotourism articles."
Staff Geophysicist, oil company

"GEO ExPro is one of my favourite magazines. It grabs your attention. Easy read. Great pictures."
Senior Vice President Global Exploration, oil company

"Excellent magazine! Very valuable to help students become intrigued by the oil industry."
Professor, Strategic Oil and Gas Consulting

"It is a very good magazine. Very good articles. Fairly easy read for a less technical manager."
Manager, Geoscience Systems, oil company

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