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New Life for Legacy Well Cuttings

There are millions of drill cuttings samples from thousands of oil and gas wells sitting unloved and under-utilised in warehouses and core repositories around the world, but there is now real momentum behind the concept of digitalising entire national archives.

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Real Rocks and Explosive Lakes

Two of the articles in this issue address physical rock samples, though very differently. Editor in Chief, Iain Brown, introduces the latest issue (Vol. 18, No. 5) in this short editorial.

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A Straightforward Workflow for Monitoring CO2 Storage

Estimating and appreciating the distribution of injected CO2 allows better understanding of the reservoir and identifies potential gas migration. Using PaleoScan™ provides a fast method from seismic conditioning to carbon capture storage quantification.

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2,000 GEO ExPro Articles and Counting

GEO ExPro was founded in 2004 and is now a well-established Geoscience publication. Kirsti Karlsson, Sales and Marketing Director of GEO ExPro talks about her career with the magazine and how it is adapting to the new world order.

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No Transition Without Offsets

If you are a big emitter of carbon, then reaching net zero means investing in carbon offsets – in the short term at least - and it’s perhaps no surprise that oil and gas companies around the world have become big players in the offset market.

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Pandemic Affects Oil and Gas Licensing Plans

The upstream part of the oil and gas industry has been particularly disrupted with the global impact of the pandemic massively reducing the demand for oil and gas during 2020 - resulting in an almost unprecedented collapse in exploration activities globally.

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AI and Code Red for Humanity

GEO ExPro Editor in Chief, Iain Brown, on the use of AI and autonomous technology in the oil, gas and energy industry - and an introduction to the latest edition of the magazine.